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How to Make a White Christmas Wreath

...out of materials you wouldn't expect!

You can easily make this white Christmas wreath using very cheap materials yet the results are simply stunning and unusual! Cardboard? You bet. No need to buy a circular "base" at a craft store, you can just make one easily and cheaply at home. It will be completely covered up and nobody will know the difference.

This is a highly customizable holiday craft project, change out the color of your tulle for a completely new look! Reds and greens come to mind of course but also metallic silver and gold. For this project though, we are focusing on a white Christmas wreath which will look especially stunning against a dark colored front door.

Our front door in a prior home was painted a dark green so the traditional evergreen decorations just didn't stand out. The bright, fresh white creates a lovely contrast.

white christmas wreath

Supplies: You'll need a piece of sturdy cardboard, scissors, white tulle and (optional) ribbon or other holiday decorations.

make white christmas wreath make white christmas wreaths

Create Base & Wrap - First, you'll need to create the circular base. I traced a garbage can, but you could use different sized bowls or plates. Next, wrap a single layer of tulle all the way around your frame. This is simply to cover up the cardboard so you can see it.

tulle wreath make a tulle wreath

Cut Strips & Tie - Next, cut strips of tulle and start to tie them on, working your way all around the frame. This takes a bit of time, but fortunately tulle is poofy and fills in the gaps pretty quickly.

white christmas wreath idea

Add Ribbon or Accessories - If you don't want pure white, add a bit of contrasting red ribbon or some metallic leaves! Bells, ribbons, pine cones, candy canes and small tree ornaments are some easy ideas for accessories to embellish with if you like.

Happy holiday decorating!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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