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Vintage Stove Turned DIY Bar

We turned a dingy old vintage stove into a DIY bar with the help of some metal spray paint and a rectangle of glass!

vintage-stove vintage stove diy bar

We love vintage stuff and tend to acquire a lot of it. This stove was given to us by my father in law, who bought it off the side of the road on the drive to Las Vegas in the 60s. When it came to us it was in shabby shape. It had already been painted (poorly) by various owners yet it was still dingy and depressing looking. Spray paint to the rescue!

diy bar vintage stove

We used a high gloss enamel spray paint for this to bring it back to life. However, we wanted to spray paint the dingy door yet wanted to keep the logo. We simply taped over the logo with blue painters tape and then used an exacto knife to cut around the logo. We sprayed and once dry we peeled off the tape, leaving the perfect logo behind!

We first primed with a metal primer specifically for rusty metal. This will keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

The problem with acquiring a large vintage stove like this is finding a place to display it. We don't have room to simply display it, it must be functional. So a DIY bar it is! The original griddle was removable so we measured the top and had a rectangle piece of tempered glass cut for the top. We removed the racks from the interior to store liquor bottles inside.

It is now an adorable (and functional) object of vintage art in our home. I love taking something and using it for something else entirely.

PS - What vintage items have you used for decorating? Share your vintage finds and your love of this style right here! I can't wait too see what you've found!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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