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Vintage Kitchen Canisters

Trash to treasure with new painted details & these tips...

I was on the prowl for vintage kitchen canisters for a long time. I wanted the perfect set, one that would blend in with my retro 50s kitchen and maybe even be red or have red elements. My dream set was firmly in my mind and whenever I'd find one that was close I'd balk at the high price.

True, buying vintage can be a test of patience. You never know when the perfect item will show up on your radar and sometimes it just doesn't happen. Soon, I started thinking in terms of the "trash to treasure" method of decorating. Perhaps I could find a set with potential and then alter it to make it perfect. It worked!

I found this set of vintage kitchen canisters for next to nothing because they were dirty and the letter labels were faded and discolored. The "S" for sugar didn't even seem to match. The faux wooden handles had a distinctly 70s vibe which means they weren't the right era for my 50s kitchen. However, I knew they had transformation potential so I snapped them up immediately.

kitchen canisters vintage canisters

I used a very tiny detailing paintbrush and a small can of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch in appple red to update the letter labels. I did three coats to get a nice thick layer. This paint is hearty stuff, I've since washed these canisters several times and the paint has held up perfectly.

painting kitchen canisters

I also taped off the lids (leaving the handles exposed) and used Rust-Oleum glossy black spray paint to coat those. They also have held up to repeated washings.

They needed a great deal of cleaning, all of them had odors and they were even pretty scratched up. To get rid of odors, I let them soak in a hot water, vinegar and baking soda bath overnight. Then I further scrubbed the insides with a baking soda and distilled white vinegar paste. While you could use store bought cleaners, I try to avoid them since the canisters will come on contact with food. The scratches were beyond I scratched the whole thing! I used a bit of steel wool and scrubbed them, so the existing scratches blended in. This gave them a slightly brushed metal (but still shiny) surface.

vintage kitchen canisters

All told, this quick and dirty trash to treasure revamp was an easy fix. Take a look at thrifty items that "have potential" and you might just find exactly what you are looking for!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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