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Trash to Treasure Decorating

Trash to treasure decorating is a personal favorite. It feels good to transform an ugly duckling into a swan, especially when it was found cheap - or even free! It is hard for me to resist a free piece of old furniture on the side of the road or a bargain at a garage sale or thrift store. I just have too many ideas for how I could transform just about anything to fit in with my decor.

Sometimes a found item doesn't even need any transforming or revamping and this is trash to treasure decorating at its finest! An old glass bottle, a tree branch, a wooden fruit crate and even broken items repurposed can be found for free or cheap and become a focal point in a room. Check out all the articles below for some inspiration and essential how-to tips and you'll be on your way to looking at junk in a whole new light!

Warning: once you open this decorating door you may find it hard to pass anything up and your garage might soon become cluttered with curbside furniture adoptions like mine. Select carefully (even when it is free) by asking yourself if you have a spot for the item. Same with thrifting and garage sales, try to go with a list in mind!

before and after dresser
How to Refinish a Dresser
With some sand paper, paint and a little creativity you can transform an old wooden dresser into something that gets noticed! Here are tips and steps to take to make sure your dresser decorating facelift is long lasting and flawless.

These instructions are for a plain wooden dresser that hasn't already been painted or stripped. All the steps outlined including sanding, priming and painting tips. Plus, ideas for extra embellishing with new drawer pulls, stencils, decals and paint. Before and after photos!

trash to treasure reupholstery
How to Recover Dining Chairs Seats
See some sturdy dining chairs at a thrift store but the fabric is ugly? Find a great set at a garage sale or even for free? Don't pass it up! Recover the seats all by yourself!

Fabric is just like paint, it can transform just about anything and cheap too, if you look in the right places! Learn how to calculate how much fabric you'll need to recover dining chairs, full step by step photo instructions of the process and more diy tips. You'll be reupholstering your chairs in no time!

vintage kitchen canisters
Trash to Treasure Vintage Kitchen Canisters
Can't find the perfect set of vintage kitchen canisters for your kitchen? Consider fiding a set that has potential and making some changes. These were dirty and faded once but they had an easy facelift. Even scratched metal canisters can be brought back to life again.

Learn some cleaning tips for vintage canisters too, sometimes they come with some pretty strong smells, which you'll want to get rid of before storing your own dry goods. Buying vintage sometimes takes a leap of faith, but when it works out it is wonderful. Before and after photos!

trash to treasyre bbq island
Trash to Treasure Patio Grilling Table
See how we turned a free gardening table into an outdoor grilling prep station! Hard to believe something so dirty could be transformed into something suitable to prep and serve food. Full step by step details.

Tips on how to choose a table for a similar project and plenty of photos. Learn how to use vinyl as a table cover, creating a great wipeable surface, ideal for outdoor entertaining and food prep. Get creative with grilling tool organization and you'll have a great place to keep your bbq goodies. Before and after photos!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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