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Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film is a great option for no-sew window treatments in bathrooms. They are affordable and can withstand a humid environment like a bathroom and you'll never have to wash curtains! My favorite part about them is that they let in tons of beautiful, natural light but make a window totally private.

In our old apartment on a corner, we had a bathroom window (photo below) that looked out onto the sidewalk just a few feet away. Ah, urban living. No privacy at all! We tried curtains, but the bathroom was tiny and they had to be dark to make it private enough which made the room feel boxed in. Mini-blinds were an option but even those didn't feel private enough and the window was an odd shape and custom ones were not in the budget. It was a rental so we couldn't etch the glass ourselves or do anything permanent either.

We stumbled upon some window cling at the hardware store and decided to give it a try. We used a stained glass window film for the bottom part of the window and then tried out some plain "frosted" window cling for the top half.

bathroom window cling bathroom stained glass cling

Putting it on was very easy, you simply cut out the size you need and use a spray bottle that comes with the cling to wet the window. Put the cling on and smooth it out with a plastic edge. You can use something like a credit card, but many kits include a tool for this. There is no adhesive so the cling can be removed and won't damage the window. The bubbles smoothed right out easily.

We had this very same stained glass window film in our apartment for seven years and it looked just as good when we moved out as the day we put it on. It never bubbled or peeled! I'm incredibly impressed with the product and would definately use it as an affordable, temporary solution again.

Love the way the light filters through and the colors added a nice "warmth" to the room.

stained glass window film stained glass window film bathroom

Many people went right up to it and touched it to see if it was real. At night it also looked like stained glass from the outside of our house - but was completely private, nobody could see through it.

Of course, stained glass window film will look great with curtains framing it. Here are how to sew curtains projects to get you started on making some of your own.

Have fun picking out your window cling!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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