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Southern Bell Wreath

by Karen Pullman
(Georgia, US)

Southern Bell Wreath

Southern Bell Wreath

Tell us about your Christmas wreath...was it purchased or made?

I purchased this wreath at a consignment shop for $9 but it was just plain faux fir at that time. You can find wreaths at consignment shops for next to nothing and this one was really large so quite a deal at that price. I call it the "Southern Bell Wreath" because I added the bells and I live in Georgia.

Where did you buy it? Or how did you make or alter it?
I added the gold bells in the center and the red ribbons too. This made it a bit more holiday themed I thought. I tied on the ribbons and the bells were tied on with some smaller ribbon but you can't see it.

Where did you display it?
I hung it right off the porch because I already had a large hook there where I usually have a hanging basket. It was the only hook that was large enough to handle this big one.

How many Christmas wreaths do you decorate with each year?
I probably have about ten wreaths in my house right now but most are in the closet. I generally have one medium sized one on the front door and sometimes one on the gate. Some are for autumn or summer though, not all of them are just Christmas.

Do you make other holiday decorations?
I do all my own wrapping, does that count? I get pretty creative with my wrapping and always have plenty of ribbons and other accessories around, which is why I had them for this wreath.

Why do you love wreaths for home decorating?
They are a tradition where I live! Everyone has a wreath on their porch, especially in winter for Christmas but often all year.

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