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Solar Tube Skylights Review

We now have three solar tube skylights in our home so I guess it is safe to say we are big fans. Honestly, if there were a "best bang for your buck" category I'd say adding one is in second place, after painting. You can't beat painting as a cheap way to transform a room, you just can't. So if you have already painted your room a light, happy color but the room still doesn't come to life because of lack of light then get one installed. They are amazing. Truly.

We used Solatube for all three of our solar tube skylights. (No, we aren't affiliated with them in any way...although if they want to set us up with a forth I have jut the spot in our livingroom. Call me. Ahem.) Okay, so when we first bought our house we got two, one in the tiny entry hall to make it feel bigger and one in our dark kitchen, which is now the most bright and lovliest room in our house. The power of natural light is incredible.

Our dining room though is where I'm focusing this page on. It was the darkest room in our house with only one tiny window and I just knew that what it needed was more natural light, especially since my sons spend so much time doing artwork at the table.

Here are the before and after photos of our solar tube skylights:

before solar tube solar tube skylights

These were taken on different days so that I could take them at the same exact time to clearly compare. These were taken at 10AM both days. Notice how the light really opens the room and makes it look larger and less stuffy? It also makes me realize just how dirty my floors were, but that is the only downside. We LOVE these.

solar tube installation solar tube roof

So the friendly installation guy came (forgot his name, sorry) and we discuss where we want the tube. He checks the attic to make sure it will work since our heater is up there. The tubes can bend around stuff in attics but obviously couldn't be placed right underneath a giant heater. Everything looks good and he went up in the attic and drills a few placement holes through our ceiling from above. Then he cut the big circle for the tube.

Next, he is up in our attic and on our roof cutting more holes and setting the tube up and suddenly our diningroom is flooded with crazy amounts of light! The first photo below is what it looks like with pure light, with no diffuser. There are different filters you put on your ceiling to soften the light. For all of ours, we've just went with the standard diffuser.

solar tube dining room solar tube lighting

There was minimal cleanup, just some sweeping of the dust and the entire installation process took only a couple hours.

This beautiful light in our diningroom has made me look at the room in a whole new way. The way it highlights the breakfront china hutch has inspired me to finally tackle that project! You know how one do it yourself decorating project only leads to another? So true. So true.



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