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Sewing Tablecloths

Sewing tablecloths using your own fabrics is a more affordable way to get a totally unique look that suits your dining room decor. I could never find premade cloths that I liked or that matched just right. Either that or the ones that I did like were way out of my price range.

I have two little ones so I knew I wanted something that would not stain so it had to be wipeable. However, I wanted to avoid traditional vinyl because of all the toxic chemicals it is known to have. Vinyl has a nickname as the poison plastic so I really didn't like the idea of that around our food every day!

Laminated cotton was the perfect solution! The one I selected was PVC and phlalate free, so no icky chemicals, yet it was still coated on one side so it was fully wipeable. Yay!

I love the drape of laminated cotton too, it is quite thin and drapes very nicely, not crunchy or stiff at all.

tablecloth fabric binding tablecloth bias tape

I measured my table and then bought yardage accordingly, adding about 18 inches for the overhang. I used double fold bias tape for the edging. You open it up, insert the edge of the laminated cotton that you are sewing tablecloths with and then pin in place.

pin tablecloth edge tablecloth edging

Sew the bias tape on. This is by far the easiest method of finishing the edges of laminated cotton. It is nearly impossible (at least with my humble sewing machine) to easily fold it under and sew because sewing machines to not like that laminated texture very well. It works, but it is much easier to simply use bias tape. The needle is still passing through the laminated cloth, but the feeder feet aren't getting stuck on it.

sewing tablecloths how to sew a tablecloth

Hope you enjoy these tips for sewing tablecloths using laminated cotton! We love ours and it has held up very well. It has been fun having different ones to change out, it is a quick way to alter the feel of the dining room. After meals I simply wipe it down with a wet cloth.



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