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Rustic Decorating Ideas

Here are several rustic decorating ideas for your home. The thing I love about this style of decorating is that the items seem to tell a story and have a history all their own. They add a layer of personality and character to a room and are often the things that guests will ask about. Found objects play a crucial role usually and if they are truly found it becomes a very affordable way to decorate!

Where to look? Start with your very own attic! Much like our rustic barn board art, some pieces you select will have a history within your own family. Ask family members what is collecting dust in their garage, you might just find treasure. A vintage sewing machine, a glass milk jug, a travel trunk or a wrought iron gate perhaps...these are all things that I've found for free just by asking around. More often than not, people are thrilled that you want to give something of theirs a home and are willing to let you haul away their "junk" for free.

old doors rustic decorating

Using old doors and windows on walls as art has become very popular and expect to pay a great deal of money for a real door. Imported ones are the most common and are lovely and add old world charm to a wall. Plus, their large size makes them perfect to fill large open wall spaces.

You can also create a DIY version of a door or window by using weathered wood and some vintage hardware. Your "door" or window doesn't actually have to have been real. Vintage shutters are another way to add visual interest to your room when hung on the wall as art.

Ordinary items can look extraordinary if you display them prominently. Look at functional items as art and imagine them displayed on a gallery wall or on pedestal as sculpture. A perfect example is the round pan in the image below on the right from my aunt's house. This was an actual cooking pan that was really used at one time. It is hammered metal and absolutely beautiful - not to mention perfect for the space. Once you train your decorator's mind to think of things like a cooking pan as art, a whole new form of decorating opens up for you!

rustic decorating door rustic decorating ideas pan

You'll be surprised by how much you can truly find for cheap or even free if you keep on the lookout. Have a junkyard anywhere near your home that is open to the public? This is exactly where designers and resale shops find those lovely items that they charge an arm and a leg for. So all you have to do is get there first! Even if you go with specific rustic decorating ideas in mind you might find exactly what you want.

If you are heading out to explore a junkyard, wear sturdy shoes and comfy clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Junkyards are not retail stores. Nothing is clean, there aren't any shopping carts and you'll have to dig around some to find what you want. I spent half of my childhood running around junkyards with my dad (who was looking for antique tractor parts) so I know the great treasures you can find there for rustic decorating.

Small town thrift stores (trust me, small town thrifts are where the best stuff is - city folks are too saavy now) and flea markets can be great sources too. Think weathered wood and rusty metal and you'll be on your way to some great rustic decorating ideas of your own!

PS - What rustic items have you used for decorating? Share your rustic finds, rustic decorating ideas and your love of this style right here! We can't wait too see what you've found!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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