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Rustic Decorating with DIY Barn Wood Art

I love rustic decorating and especially when the item you use (like our DIY barn wood art piece) has a history or a story to it. Of course, not everything you find has a story (or at least not one that you know) but all rustic items offer feelings of having been loved and having seen many years pass by.

barn wood art decor

The barn on my grandparents' land looks like so many other dilapidated farm buildings dotting the rural midwest today. Abandoned with grey weathered wooden walls about to cave in. Beautiful yet sad. The family barn did finally collapse some years back during a summer thunderstorm. When they told me that people kept showing up to reclaim some of the wood I wanted to come and retrieve my own momento of the barn I used to run around in as a child before it was all gone. A few months and a plane ride later, below is the scene that greeted me on the family farm:

reclaimed barn wood barn wood

The colorful stone foundation (that my great great grandfather built himself, by hand) was still standing in perfect condition and in fact is the only thing left there today. I wanted to take it all home with me but since I had to get back on a plane my choices were pretty limited. I carefully walked among the rubble and then I spotted the perfect piece. It was a long board, the top part of the sliding barn door that slid open out to the cow pasture. You could see where the hindges used to be. How many times had my grandfather and his father and his father slid it open and shut, letting the dairy cows in and out. Such history!

rustic decorating barn wood art barn wood art

"I'm taking this home," I announced to my husband. What beautiful barn wood art it would make on our wall. But how? This this was about 8 feet long! We decided to cut it into four parts so we could pack it up in a large cardboard box and check it as baggage on the plane.

When we arrived home, we put it back together using large metal brackets and wood screws. We attached a wire to the back and hung it on our wall. Easy (and cheap) rustic decorating!

rustic decorating ideas rustic decorating

Of all the items in our home this one single item has gotten the most attention, the most questions and the most compliments. And it is meaningful to me which makes it priceless...even though it was free.

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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