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Reflective Spray Paint For DIY Mailbox or Address Sign

Reflective spray paint can be tons of fun for outdoor home decor projects! Need a new address sign for your entryway or your mailbox? This paint will help it be seen at night. You can also use it for Halloween decor on your lawn and of course it comes in handy in many nighttime safety applications, like creative reflective bikes, helmets, shoes and clothing. However, our project below is for a new (cheap) mailbox address sign!

Like many people, we have a freestanding mailbox at the end of our driveway. Since our house is away from the street and blocked by trees the mailbox is really the only thing our guests (or pizza delivery drivers!) can see when they drive up. The tiny stickers on our mailbox were falling off and were just too small to be seen at night. We needed a new sign, but since custom address plaques are too expensive, we set out to make our own with the help of reflective spray paint.

You will get the best results if the reflective paint is on top of a lighter color, so we used white for the numbers and black for the background.

reflective spray paint

Wooden numbers like these can be found at many different craft stores very cheaply. We found the wooden background holder at a craft store as well. The paints were all purchased at a hardware store, though some craft stores may carry it as well.

reflective spray paint house numbers

We first primed everything with Rust-Oluem Painter's Touch 2X Primer and then sprayed the numbers with Rust-Oluem Painter's Touch 2X Flat White and the background with Rust-Oluem Painter's Touch 2X Semi-gloss Black. After these coats were completely dry, we sprayed a few coats onto just the numbers with Rust-Oluem Reflective Finish. This will create the most contrast and visibility at night.

After all the pieces were dry we simply glued the numbers down with Gorilla Glue. If you are using Gorilla Glue for the first time, use a tiny amount as it expands as it sets! Finally, we screwed in some metal eyelets into the wood to attach it to our mailbox, hanging from chains.

reflective spray paint address

Many months later our DIY sign is still looking as good as new and reflects nicely at night when we drive up!

For added durability for your sign and to help weatherproof it, use a spray on poly coating or a wipe on poly coating.

After all, it's your might as well love it!

This post is part of Shanty2Chic's Rustoleum Revamp Party! Check it out for tons of great ideas.



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