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DIY Front Porch Decorating Ideas

porch decorating ideas

Here are front porch decorating ideas for you to help make the entry of your home just as lovely as the inside! I like to think of the front porch as the very first room in a home so lets give it some attention. It is the first home space you, your family and guests enter. It sets the tone of your home and while it can be welcoming, so often a porch feels cold and lifeless. So lets make it better!

Your style of porch depends on your home's architecture and often what part of the country you are in. If you are in the South (lucky you and your wrap around porches!) your porch is probably going to look vastly different from the porch of my cousin in Minnesota who has a tiny step with an awning. This is just fine.

Remember my motto: Use what you have and then make it better. Even a small space can feel warm and welcoming and reflect your personality.

painted front door porch

Now, an easy place to start is by looking at your front door because no matter what the rest looks like you have one of those. Is it welcoming? Is there at least a clear path to it? Is there anything visually interesting around it that reflects your personality? Does it have a door knocker? Do you want to hang something on it? Would you like a "please remove your shoes" sign on it? What about the door as a whole? Are you happy with it?

What if you painted your front door a different color? Or changed the hardware to a nicer knob?

Another good exercise I always suggest is to go outside and stand in your front yard and then walk up to your house just like a guest would. Pretend you have never been there. What do you notice? What could be better? Go from there.

Next is to think about how you use your porch. Is it the space you or guests walk through to go inside? Or do you hope to spend summer afternoons perched there with a book, sipping lemonade and waving to your neighbors? In the first example your decor will be focused on the front door and the pathway to it, while in the second example, your decor would focus on seating, tables and being comfortable.

front porch decorating ideas

Your climate of course needs to be taking into consideration as well as if your porch is screened in or open. Selecting items that last and can withstand heavy weather changes is key to decor that looks good year after year.

Keep in mind that your porch can change with the seasons and your decor can reflect that. To celebrate the holiday season for example, just hanging a simple Christmas wreath on your front door can add visual interest and is a quick change. In fact, many people stick with wreaths all year and change them for the season.

Here is a lovely little sampling of porch decorating ideas submitted by readers like you! You can click on any link to read more about their porch and what they did. Is your own porch just the way you want? Come show it off! Is it in progress? Share a photo and get some feedback from our readers!

What does YOUR front porch look like?

Share a photo of your front porch? We'd love to see!!

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