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Unique Playroom Storage Ideas

If you are looking for unique playroom storage ideas then you probably aren't looking for the classic, ugly plastc bins that everyone seems to have. Yes! There other alternatives, and even solutions that you won't mind having in a shared space, like a play area in the corner of your livingroom.

Decorating a playroom that was functional for my children and beautiful was a goal of mine. Perhaps the most important part of a play area is how the toys will be stored! It must be easily accessible to the child, safe, sturdy and easy to use. It has to also fit the type of toys you are wishing to store. An older child will have more smaller toys than a toddler will, for example. Here are some playroom storage ideas to get you started!

Natural Wicker Baskets - Baskets are pretty and grow with the child. When they are no longer needed they are pretty enough to be used elsewhere in your home. they are also cheap and made of natural, biodegradeabe materials so they are an eco-friendly storage solution.

playroom storage ideas small toy storage

Square or rectangle baskets are one of my favorites over the years because they fit on various bookshelves. They are light enough for children to drag around, yet sturdy too.

playroom toy storage playroom storage solutions

The two oval storage baskets above are actually two moses baskets from when each of my boys were infants. They are great for larger stuffed animal and even puzzle storage. I've also used them for board books in a cozy reading nook we created. They are low and easy for baby to reach into.

There is one downside to wicker though, small pieces can break off, depending on the type of basket. Small pieces of broken wicker pose a choking hazard so it is wise to inspect your baskets often for signs of wear.

Cheap Playroom Storage Ideas: - Cheap is good, right? How about a cardboard box? Ugly? Yep. But not if you paint it and give it a makeover! We painted a plain old cardboard box with interior latex paint that we had in the garage and turned it into a bean bag toss box...which doubles as storage for stuffed animals! It is sturdy, cute and was totally free.

playroom cheap storage playroom bucket storage

Another favorite of mine is to use unique containers like metal buckets from the hardware store. The shiny metal looks beautiful with the natural wood and these containers are affordable and can be used forever. They won't break or get dirty over time. A great long-lasting option.

Other Unusual Storage Ideas: - Think outside of the box. How about a beanbag? How can a beanbag be storage you ask? Well, our beanbag in our playroom is filled with extra blankets and seasonal sheets. We avoid buying those plastic pellets that even when recycled will never biodegrade for thousands of years (ick) and we simply fill it with stuff we already have. Think about it, a bean bag is a big chunk of space! Why not store blankets and towels inside of it and use the space?

beanbag storage unique toy storage

Also, when possible, we hang pretty things on the walls that doubles as storage and also decor. My son's ukelele gets hung on a guitar hanger. It is off the ground but still hung low where he can reach it and it looks pretty on the wall.

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