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Eco-Friendly & Natural Playroom Decorating Ideas

Here are some natural playroom decorating ideas to inspire you. It may feel like a big commitment to create an eco-friendly and natural play environment for your kids. Afterall, plastic toys are cheap and can be hard to avoid. It can be done! There are beautiful, quality toys and products you can select instead.

Especially if you look in unusual "non-kid" places and are willing to re-think what "kid stuff" means then you can turn just about anything into natural decor for kids. Just think, driftwood, shells and branches are free. How about those for wall decor? Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Quality not Quantity - Focus on cotton, wool, silk and wood. Less is more. Invest in a quality toy rather than buying five cheap plastic ones. If you already have a playroom that you are hoping to switch to natural, do it slowly. Remove broken or never played with toys first. From now on, select things with intention. Soon, you'll have a calm space that encourages imagination.

natural playroom natural playrooms

(Images courtesy Make Baby

Pick Wood - One quality wooden toy will last generations. Sure, you could buy three cheaply made plastic toys for the price of one quality wooden toy, but why would you? Plastic toys clutter our landfills for thousands of years when they break. Wood is beautiful, sustainable and sturdy and should be a focus in natural playroom decorating. There is also more room for imagination if you leave the flash and noise out of toys.

playroom decorating woodmouse natural toys

(Houses & Tree courtesy Woodmouse)

Natural Wicker Baskets for Storage - Baskets are pretty and grow with the child. When they are no longer needed they are pretty enough to be used elsewhere in your home. they are also cheap and made of natural, biodegradeabe materials so they are an eco-friendly storage solution.

playroom storage ideas small toy storage

Square or rectangle baskets are one of my favorites over the years because they fit on various bookshelves. They are light enough for children to drag around, yet sturdy too.

playroom toy storage playroom storage solutions

The two oval storage baskets above are actually two moses baskets from when each of my boys were infants. They are great for larger stuffed animal and even puzzle storage. I've also used them for board books in a cozy reading nook we created. They are low and easy for baby to reach into.

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