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DIY Playroom Decorating Ideas

We have many DIY playroom decorating ideas for you to browse! Whether you have a whole basement that you are turning into a play zone or if you have a corner of your livingroom starting to pile up with toys, we've got some tips and projects for you.

A dedicated space for children to play is a gift. It keeps the rest of the house (relatively) toy clutter free and children feel secure knowing that there is a space that is their very own. However, this is also the space that can go from clean and organized to tornado toy disaster in just minutes under the auspices of a toddler. Knowing this, many parents throw up their hands and close the door on the playroom...never to be organized again. I'm here to assure you that a playroom can be beautiful. It doesn't have to be a cluttered mess either!

playroom decorating ideas
Unique Playroom Storage Ideas
Playrooms have toys, and usually a lot of them. No getting around this, so step one is to find a spot for each and every toy. You can get creative with toy storage just like everything else.

You aren't stuck with ugly plastic bins or boxes for your organizing in the toy room, there are tons of unique options waiting to be discovered. Most involve using items that aren't made for toy storage, but work even better than items that are! These ideas are DIY ideas that are cheap and easy to find and would look great in a playroom.

natural playroom decorating ideas
Natural Playroom Decorating Ideas
If a natural and eco-friendly space is your goal, you are in luck! There are so many lovely choices and ideas and even on a budget. Yes, earth friendly can mean budget friendly!

As people get more eco-concious, there are more alternatives to cheap, plastic (ugly!) stuff for kids. Even if you aren't focusing on natural items, this section might make you look at what you choose in a new way. Here are some photos of all natural play areas and some ideas to inspire you to focus on natural products and decor.

display kids art
Kids Art Display Ideas
Here are some simple ideas for displaying the art of your children. If yours are anything like mine, you'll have a lot! Display it proudly and in a way that doesn't damage the walls or look cluttered.

Skip the fridge covered in papers and use the art of your kids to your decorating advantage! You might even want to devote an entire wall as an "art gallery" and work it into your decorating scheme. Free art for your walls!

Never forget safety when planning out your playroom decorating ideas. Some examples of decorating with safety in mind are using plexiglass instead of glass in framed art and not choosing decorations with sharp or fragile elements. Also, wall decorations should be hung securely and out of reach. Any larger furniture should be strapped to the walls. Avoid chipping paint and of course do a lead paint test on anything vintage or used. I am no safety expert (you can hire one to inspect your home) but these are a few ideas for you to keep in mind when you select decor items.

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