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Palm Tree Themed Bedroom with Palm Tree Mural

by Sheryl
(Valencia, CA, United States)

Palm Bedroom

Palm Bedroom

Please describe and tell us about your bedroom decorating ideas or projects.

I did a makeover on my bedroom and did an island theme inspired by a vacation in Hawaii and the hotel we stayed at there. I wanted an island hotel feel for the room so I collected things with palm trees and painted the mural on the wall.

The bedroom was a mixture of random stuff for quite a while and I didn't even have anything hanging on the walls! We moved into this condo four years ago and I've finally gotten to the bedroom.

Did you make anything or is it purchased?

I did a little of both. Most of the purchased items were found at places like TJ Maxx and Ross that I collected over time. The palm tree lamps and the palm tree pictures on the wall for example. And also the frames next to the bed on the table, even those have palm trees.

The biggest project was painting the palm tree mural on the wall, which I did with help from my daughter. To tie it in with the bedspread we used red coconuts instead of brown and although at first I wasn't sure about it, it has now grown on me. I love laying in bed and seeing that mural, it makes me happy to look at and it feels like I'm on vacation!

I also sewed the black palm tree printed pillow covers on the bed. I found the fabric at Joanns and made a cover for pillows I already had but didn't match.

Tell us more about your process! How did you plan it and do everything?

Well it took me about nine months to collect everything once I decided on the palm tree theme. Fortunately it seems to be a popular theme so it wasn't too hard finding things to match. The bedspread was the only thing I didn't change, I just worked it in like I mentioned with the coconuts.

The mural was the hardest part and took several weekends over the course of two months.

Did you run into any problems? How long did it take you? Are you done with the room?

I am done with the room for now. Eventually I may add to the mural wall since the tree looks a little lonely. You can't see them but I would like to get some island theme curtains eventually, I just haven't found any at a good price yet.

Anything else you'd like to share about your bedroom decorating?

I'm so happy I finally decorated my bedroom, we've been living here for four years now and I've always dreamed of having a nice bedroom. And now I do. It really does seem to make a difference in my mood when I wake up in the morning.

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