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Spray Painting Dining Chairs

Spray painting dining chairs is a much easier way to transform them and give them new life than using a brush! You'll get even results (no brush strokes) and it will be so much faster to cover all the nooks and crannies.

But will the surface be durable? Yes! It will be durable and last, if you follow our guidelines for prepping your surface and sealing it properly afterwards. True, your chairs will get banged around much more than many other types of furniture but they will continue looking new for years to come if you take the extra steps to get good coverage. We have kids and pets and are certainly not careful with anything we paint. We use everything daily just like any family should, that is what furniture is for!

We found these six chairs for free on the side of the road! They were ugly and didn't match with our decor at all and were already painted a glossy green. Didn't stop us though, with a little love these chairs would be just the way we wanted them. Tip: when you are shopping for chairs to revamp, look for solid wood and sturdy chairs. Pay no attention to colors, all of that can change!

We also recovered the chair pads for these and you can look at our how to recover dining chair seats tutorial for that step by step process as well.

dining chairs before recover dining chairs after

Supplies for Painting Dining Chairs: You'll need liquid sander deglosser, old rags, gloves, spray paint primer, spray paint and wipe on poly. Some cardboard or drop cloths to lay down is also a must when you spray paint, as it a mask so you don't breathe in those fumes.

dining chair before deglosser

Degloss: First, remove your seats by flipping over your chairs and unscrewing them. Put gloves and eye protection on and our some of the deglosser on a rag and rub on. (Follow instructions on the bottle as brands may vary) What this does is eat away some of the smooth, glossy surface which will allow your primer to stick on really well. This is a really quick step and really does make a difference!

spray painting dining chairs primed dining chair

Prime & Paint: First, coat the surface with your spray primer and let dry completely. Follow the instructions on the bottle. We always let ours sit overnight, even though it dries much faster than that. Finally, spray paint the chairs with your final color. Be sure to look at your chairs at different angles to make sure you hit all the spots.

wipe on poly coat wipe on poly

Seal: After your final coat of paint has cured for at least 24 hours you can start the final (and most important!) step of using wipe on poly coat. We use the Minwax brand. Pour some on a rag and smooth it on your chair. Let dry completely (we wait 24 hours!) between coats. Do at least two coats but 3-5 is even better. Once dry simply reattach your chair pads and you are done! See, we told you painting dining chairs was easy!

Happy transforming! By the way, you can also see how we reupholstered the seats of this dining chair set for even more diy decorating instructions!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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