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Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here are several outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for you to get inspired! Whether you are planning to get creative with strings lights, purchase pre-made holiday yard decor or are hoping to do something unusual, there are many project ideas here for you to use.

I'll never forget driving around with my parents as a child, looking at Christmas lights and decorations and picking out which house I thought was the most beautiful. We'd all vote on our favorites. Having decorations outside is so much fun! For you and also for your neighborhood, not to mention for generations of children who may have future fond memories of driving by your home.

Anyone can string some lights up across a house but other people choose to be artful about it. With a little planning you can too. If you've never decorated outside before, start somewhere small and build from there. Here are many ideas for front door Christmas wreaths which are always a classic way to start.

outdoor christmas lights

If you are interested in a thrifty do it yourself idea, cut out holiday shapes with a jigsaw in plywood and paint! This adorable gingerbread house and trees scene in the image to the right was created this way. Then add some lighting to illuminate your wooden cutouts and you'll have amazingly unique decorations. These can easily be stored flat against a wall in a garage the rest of the year.

Stick to simple shapes and sketch it out with a pencil on your plywood before painting. Christmas trees and snowmen are perhaps the most simple shapes and would be a good place to start. If you live somewhere with lots of snow or moisture, you'll want to seal your plywood with poly to protect it from the elements better so it lasts year after year. Use a latex or acrylic paint so it is colorfast and won't fade.

Here are more great outdoor Christmas decorating ideas submitted by our readers! You can click on any of the photos to learn more about what they did:

outside wreaths christmas truck peace sign snow christmas wreath
What does your house look like during the holidays? Snap a photo of your outdoor holiday decor (or of your favorite house in your neighborhood) and share it with us right here!

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