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Our Hearth Wreath

Tell us about your Christmas wreath...was it purchased or made?

This wreath was a gift from my in-laws last year. We bought our first home in October and didn't have much as far as holiday decorations. We have this great fireplace in the middle of the family room and the wreath was just the thing!

How many Christmas wreaths do you decorate with each year?
Just this one so far! I like this though so we might make one for our door next year. I found this site by browsing ideas for making your own wreaths so I might give it a try.

Do you make other holiday decorations?
I have made sewn felt ornaments in the past as gifts and I plan to make more since I am expecting and would like to make some with the baby as he/she gets older.

Why do you love wreaths for home decorating?
Well, we can't use a Christmas tree because our cats completely destroy them! They eat the needles which makes them sick and they try to climb the tree which knocked it over one year. With the new baby coming we are going to skip a tree this year so a wreath came in handy to make this room feel a little more like Christmas.

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