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Metal Spray Paint Lamp Before and Afters

I love metal spray paint and metallic finish spray paints to give new life to metal! We had several old lamps and light fixtures that we "inherited" when we bought our house. Lamps and light fixtures are an important decorating (as well as functional) element in a home but buying new fixtures for every single room wasn't in the budget for us. A quick DIY decorating revamp was in order! Before and after shots of some of our projects are below.

Don't buy new fixtures, simply revamp your lamps with a new color! Also, consider used fixtures, with the knowledge that you can change the color cheaply. TIP: When buying vintage lamps it is always wise to rewire your fixture. Even if it works just fine we always feel safer knowing that the cord and wiring is new.

Metal spray paint primer is a must if you want your makeover to last. Especially for lamps that will get touched or bumped.

spray paint for metal metal spray paint

You'll need to either take apart your lamp or fixture (which you'll be doing anyway if you are rewiring it) or you can simply tape off any part that you don't want painted. If what you are spraying cannot stand on its own it is helpful to tie a string to it and hang it before spraying like in the above photos. This is especially the case with hanging lights. You don't want to be stuck holding a wet fixture with no way to put it down!

hanging lamp before hanging lamp after

In the above hanging lamp you'll see that the part painted was just a small element but that we also changed the color of the hanging chain. This light went from dark and blah to fun and bright!

Below is a 1950s brass light fixture from our kitchen. I really am not a fan of brass but wasn't willing to give up a fixture that was original from when our house was built. The red makes it look amazing and stands out against the aqua.

spray paint brass spray painted brass after

Speaking of brass metal fixtures, pretty much all of the vintage fixtures in our house were brass. Ack! More metal spray painting to the rescue.

spray paint milk glass spray painted light

I really love milk glass, but again, the brass on this fixture just didn't work with our decor. A little black later and we transformed it to fit in with our decorating style.

hall light before hall light painted

Even small hallway lights were revamped! As you can see, we mostly stuck with black for our decor scheme but you can be as funky as you like with your lamp and light fixture makeovers!

brass lamp before brass lamp metal spray paint

I hope this inspires you to give a facelift to a light in your home. Be sure to take before & after shots and share with us what you did! Happy revamping!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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