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Make Your Own Curtains - Cafe Curtains

You can make your own curtains and create a totally unique look and save money while you are at it! These DIY decorating instructions are for creating simple "pocket style" curtains, which means the curtain rod simply slips through a pocket that you'll create by folding. These are the easiest to sew, the most simple curtain to make!

This tutorial shows short cafe curtains being made for a kitchen, but yours can be any length you like because the details and process is exactly the same.

You start with two identical rectangles for each panel. It helps to iron your fabric first to smooth out all the wrinkles so you can be sure to cut them evenly. Hem the two sides of each panel, simply by folding over and sewing. This creates an even, clean edge that won't unravel. You can also hem the bottom of your curtain at this point unless you are planning to add trim on the bottom like our example below.

make your own curtains make your own cafe curtains

Next, you'll create your pocket where your curtain rod will slip through. The size of your fold depends entirely on the size of your rod, so be sure it is large enough for the rod to easily slide through. Use a ruler to make sure that your fold is the same all the way down the length and pin in place.

iron diy curtains pocket fold curtains

After pinning, I always iron the fold to make it lay flat which is easier to sew. Sew the full length and you'll have a pocket for your curtain bar to slide through! Believe it or not...this is it! Simple, eh?

However, if you want to add a little detail, sewing a trim on is easy to do. Lay your trim down on the bottom edge and leave a bit extra on the edges so you can fold the trim over.

make your own curtains make your own curtains

With the extra trim, fold it inside itself, forming a triangle and stitch it down. I usually just hand stitch this part, just to hold it in place and create a clean look.

make your own curtains make your own curtains

I hope you enjoy learning to make youw own curtains! Here are our homemade cafe curtains in action, both opened and closed.

homemde cafe curtains retro cafecurtains

And here they are (below) pictured at night! Just the perfect retro look for our kitchen.

retro 50s cafe curtains

PS - this project links up with DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land where there are a ton of great reader submitted projects!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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