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How to Make Pillow Covers the Easy Way

Learn how to sew and make pillow covers the easiest way. No zippers, no buttonholes or anything like that. This is just quick, simple sewing which is perfect for beginner sewers or for those of us with limited time.

Or, if you are the type who likes to change up colors in your living room pretty often, then this tutorial is for you! These slipcovers are so quick to sew up that you'll be wanting to make more and more. It is amazing how just changing colors of pillows will change the feel of a whole livingroom or bedroom. Have you ever noticed that? Pretty cool.

The best part? Since you are simply creating a slipcover you can just use pillows you already have. Very cheap decorating. These covers can be easily removed and thrown in the wash too so covering your pillows is great for those of us with pets and/or kids. Buying just the right fabric will be cheaper and you'll find a much larger selection than buying new pillows. Never buy new pillows again!

how to make pillow covers

How to Measure - First, you'll need to cut a single rectangle of fabric for your pillow. Measure your pillow, including the thickness. Mine was 16" by 16" and it was 4" wide. A good formula to follow is that you add 1/2 the length to your final (long) measure, so mine was 16" plus 16" plus 8" for a total of 40" long. For the other measure, you'll need to consider the thickness of the pillow. Mine was 4" thick so I added an additional 4" to the 16" so it was 20" thick. My rectangle was 40" by 20".

sew pillow cover edge hem pillow cover edge

First, fold under and hem the two short edges of the pillow. These are the two sides that will overlap and form the envelope pocket so they will be seen.

handmade pillow cover homemade pillow cover

Now, lay your pillow form on the right side of your fabric and fold it up. This will be inside out, but you need to see how it will lay because you'll sew it inside out. Pin where the overlap needs to be and slip the pillow out. This leaves behind your inside out cover. Sew both edges.

make pillow slipcover

make pillow covers sew pillow covers

See how easy that was? Just a simple way to make pillow covers. You can easily and cheaply cover all the dingy old pillows in your whole house this way! I hope you have fun picking out fabrics for your "new" pillows!

Note: This happy, bright orange pillow was in my art studio on that crazy polka dot chair. Isn't it perfect for a fun happy space like that?

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