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DIY Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Here are kitchen decorating ideas that will jump start your imagination and give you skills to transform your kitchen into the one you want. The kitchen! It is truly the heart of your home and where everyone ends up standing and talking during parties. Does this happen at your house too?

They say a kitchen is the most important thing in a home and yet the most expensive to remodel. Good thing you are thinking outside of the box and can decorate it or update it yourself! There really is a lot you can do pretty easily. Yes, you!

Even if you can't afford brand new custom made cabinets just yet (wow, they really are expensive) or if you can't afford to just gut it and start over (don't we all wish this at times?) there is much to be found here that you can do that will make a huge impact on your space. Transform your kitchen (even a tiny, dark one!) into one that feels cozy, welcoming and like "home" to you.

Here are projects and articles that are filled with DIY kitchen decorating ideas:

kitchen cabinet paint
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets - Kitchen Decorating Ideas
Here is a step by step method for painting kitchen cabinets to completely change and update the look of your kitchen! See how we transformed our dark kitchen into one that is bright and cheery. The big question is does it last? Read the article to find out.

Learn the best method and steps so that you can avoid some of the problems other people encounter when they paint their cabinets the wrong way with the wrong paints! Do it the right way and it can last for years!

chalkboard paint idea kitchen
Chalkboard Paint for Lists, Messages & More
Using chalkboard paint in your kitchen creates an instant changing message center. Use it to put up funny family quotes, messages, grocery lists and art! I can't imagine not having our chalkboard door in our kitchen.

Here are some basic instructions for using chalkboard paint, including how to prep the surface before using and cleaning tips. Ours has been going strong for over two years now and it still looks great. My two boys love to draw and write on it while I'm cooking. It has truly become a unique and ever changing design element in our happy kitchen.

vintage kitchen canisters
Revamped Kitchen Canisters
Can't find the perfect set of vintage kitchen canisters for your kitchen? Consider fiding a set that has potential and making some changes. These were dirty and faded once but they had an easy facelift. Even scratched metal canisters can be brought back to life again.

Learn some cleaning tips for vintage canisters too, sometimes they come with some pretty strong smells, which you'll want to get rid of before storing your own dry goods. Buying vintage sometimes takes a leap of faith, but when it works out it is wonderful. Before and after photos!

kitchen decorating paint countertop
How to Paint Kitchen Countertops
If you have ugly laminate kitchen countertops that you can't stand but replacing them isn't in the budget just yet, you can paint them! Seriously. With special paint made for countertops you can transform the look of your kitchen dramatically. Hard to believe, isn't it? I didn't believe it either until we tried it for ourselves.

This article shows photos of our bathroom countertops that we did (we had tile in the kitchen so couldn't paint it) but the instructions, process and results are just the same.

DIY Home Decorating - Use what you have...then make it better!



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