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How to Tile Bathroom Floor

Learn how to tile bathroom floor with these tips! This is actually a pretty easy project if you take some time to to prep work and take it slow. We aren't tiling professionals by any means, but you'd never know from our floor!

We had an old linoleum bathroom floor that was pretty disgusting but we also had a small budget. New tile to the rescue! We chose tile that came in 12" squares. Huge time and headache saver for do it yourselfers because you don't have to deal with spacing tiny individual tiles. Most hardware stores will carry this type for very affordable prices. Be sure to shop around for price once you find the tile you want to use. The black and white dot we chose is by Daltile and prices ranged significantly for the same pattern. A local tile shop that carried every brand you can imagine charged more than twice as much as a local hardware store did for example.

So, ready to do it yourself? Sure! A small bathroom is actually an excellent place to get your feet wet with tile work. Bathrooms are small so the materials aren't very costly, and if you are doing it yourself you'll save even more.

how to tile a bathroom floor

How to tile bathroom floor

Be sure to do a grout test if you are picking a grout color and let it dry completely before deciding because colors change a bit when dry. We wanted a dark grey, but the first one we picked (in the sample test image below) was way too dark and the black tiles just blended in too much. We wound up with a much lighter grey than we thought at first. Why not just white grout you say? Dirt. Pure white looks dirty so much faster than starting with another color.

After ripping out our old flooring (we took a sample for an asbestos check and it did not have asbestos so we did it ourselves) we first layed HardieBacker board down on the floor. This is a cement backing board that goes under tiled floors...especially needed in bathrooms. This will protect from moisture. Do not lay down tile right onto plywood or you'll have a stinky rot problem eventually.

The little spacer bars are for putting between the tile sheets to make certain they are spaced exactly the same. This is optional when using sheets as you can somewhat eyeball it but it will look more professional if you use them. They are a must if you are laying individual tiles unless you are a pro. Course if you are reading this how to tile bathroom floor page you are probably not a pro, so go ahead and use the spacers.

bathroom floor tile grout how to tile bathroom floor

After your backer is ready the first step is to lay out your tiles without attaching them yet! This ensures proper layout and also lets you know you have enough tiles. Standard advice is to start in the center of the room and go out. However, in a small room like a bathroom and using small tiles like these it probably wouldn't make much difference if you started on one side.

backer board for tile diy bathroom floor tile

In learning how to tile bathroom floor you'll be bummed to know that you'll have to cut tiles. Yep. It is a pity but no way getting around it unless you want to leave gaping holes somewhere on your floor. You can rent a tile cutter like the one we have shown from a hardware store. You can alternativly buy a manual tile nipper and do it yourself. It won't be as perfect and you may lose a handful (or more) tiles that are improperly cut in the learning process but for a small bathroom this is certainly an option. They are a lot less scary than using an electric cutter and only cost around $20 for the nipper tool.

lay bathroom tile bathroom tile cutter

Use your spacers between your sheets. Be certain to purchase the right spacer size that matches the space in between your tiles! Before you grout, you'll pop these out of course, they are just to make sure you lay your tile down evenly.

how to use tile spacers tile spacers

In a bathroom, cove tiles or a tile baseboards are pretty standard. These are usually square tiles with one curved side that goes at the top.

install bathroom cove tiles bathroom cove tiles installed

And below is our before and after bathroom tiled floor photos. You'll notice we also painted our cabinets as well as a few other cosmetic changes like knobs and fixtures. Keep on browsing our site, we have lots and lots of ideas to share.

bathroom floor before photo bathroom floor after photo

Have fun learning how to tile bathroom floor!

PS - this project links up with DIY Day at A Soft Place to Land where you can find other DIY home projects!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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