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How to Spray Paint Anything

Learn how to spray paint just about anything for your home decorating projects! Don't be afraid of spray paint, it can work magic, really! Easy on your budget and much faster than painting by hand. I love using it because it creates a flawless finish. The best part about spray painted furniture for example is that it doesn't look spray painted.

If you haven't used it in a while, you'll be happy to know that it has come a long way in the last several years. Many colors and sheens to choose from, yes, but the best part is that there are tons of options for different surfaces. From metal to wood to plastic, you can cover it all. Plus, there is all sorts of fun stuff that has come on the market, like chalkboard, magnetic, reflective, textured and glow in the dark!

spray painting primer

How to Spray Paint Furniture
Yes, spray paint works wonders on furniture! Following these tips will result in a long lasting and durable finish for any furniture application. In no time you'll be using spray paint to alter furniture to fit in with your home decor. Spray painting furniture is a wonderful thrifty way to make things work in your space that otherwise wouldn't.

See before and after and how-to photos of a dresser being transformed with spray paint.

how to spray paint upholstery

How to Spray Paint Upholstery
Don't know how to sew or can't afford to reupholster something? You can change the color with special upholstery spray paint! It works sort of like a dye and is permanet and won't rub off on clothes and it doesn't even smell like anything. Use on chairs, cushions, sofas...anything upholstered!

See before and after and how-to photos of a wingback chair transformed with plum upholstery spray paint.

spray paint metal light

How to Spray Paint Metal Light Fixtures
Light fixtures and lamps are one of the most satisfying (and cheap) ways to transform the decor in a room. But why buy new ones when you can simply give your curent ones a new look with a can of spray paint for metal?

We "revamped" several vintage fixtures that we inherited when we bought our house and we share our ideas with you.

Get inspired by this gallery of lamp before and after photos & tips!

spray paint dining chairs

How to Spray Paint Dining Chairs
Yes, spray paint is even durable enough for dining chairs! Plus, it is so much faster you will never use a paint brush for a project like this again. Because dining chairs tend to get banged around a lot with regular use, be sure to follow our guidelines and tips for prepping your surface and protecting it.

We use our painted dining set daily (with two kids and pets!) and they have held up wonderfully. Well worth it, especially if you plan to revamp a set you already have or find on the cheap.

reflective spray paint

Reflective Spray Paint for DIY Mailbox or House Address
Reflective spray paint is perfect for certain outdoor DIY projects, like a custom mailbox address sign or your home address sign. Use it to paint your address on the curb or to make your mailbox more visable at night. How about using it for some spooky Halloween cutouts for your lawn?

A quick project "how-to" for making a mailbox or house address sign. Remember, you don't have to just use your address, you could make a reflective sign for your property saying whatever you like!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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