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How to Paint Countertops Using Laminate Countertop Paint

Completely transform your kitchen or bathroom!

See how to paint countertops with laminate countertop paint and learn this quick way to completely change the look of your room. Paint a counter? Really? Will this last? Will it look good? Will I regret it? Will I be able to wipe it down and actually use it?

Those are the same questions I asked myself as I stood in the doorway of our upstairs bathroom. This bathroom was last updated in the early 70s and the counter made that very clear. There was no hiding the age. Perhaps you also have a counter with cigarette burn marks, rust stains or worse? Or perhaps the color is just wrong for what you plan to do for the room. It has to change!

However, sometimes replacing a counter is simply out of the budget. Or perhaps you don't want to spend the money to replace it now since you plan to completely renovate in the next five years. Whatever the situation, laminate countertop paint to the rescue!

We used a product by Rust-Oleum called Countertop Coating that is a paint specifically made for use on counters. Don't use regular paint, it just won't last and will look terrible very quickly. Even with this stuff I was skeptical and waited several months to write up this page to make sure it was durable and I could actually recommend it. The "after" photos on this page were taken six months after we applied it and it still looks great! Phew, what a relief.

how to paint a countertop laminate countertop paint

Supplies: You'll need Rust-Oleum Countertop Coating, a new paint tray, tape, small brush and new rollers for smooth surfaces.

First, it is important to clean, clean, clean your surface very well. Any grease or dirt will get in the way of creating a smooth surface and a perfect seal. Once clean and dried, tape your edges and around any fixtures. We simply taped around our fixtures, but if we were doing this over again we'd just remove them to make painting easier. It was tricky to make the brush strokes disappear and the space was too small for the roller. Since you can learn how to paint countertops from us, learn from our mistakes too!

painting countertops instructions countertops

The paint is very thick, only one coat was needed. Let me tell you, this stuff is stinky! Use proper ventillation and open the windows. We let our counter sit and cure for several days before even touching it. Finally, the magic moment was here and we carefully removed the tape. It looked wonderful!

painted countertop

I'm very pleased with the way it has transformed our bathroom and most importantly, the way it has held up with daily use and cleaning. The best part is that it doesn't look painted.

Here is our official before and after bathroom makeover photos of our painted countertop:

painted countertops before painted countertops after

Quite a difference, eh? Hope you enjoyed seeing our experience of how to paint countertops!

Happy painting!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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