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How to Make Curtains

Learn how to make curtains with these easy instructions! As you know, curtains can be expensive. Really, really expensive. Especially if you don't have standard sized windows. Custom made curtains? Yikes. And if you just moved into a place and need curtains for each and every room? Wow, it can really add up.

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Yet, you need curtains or at least something on your windows. For privacy (hello, neighbors!) and to block out the morning sunshine in your bedroom. Well, unless you are one of those amazing people who get up before the sun rises, I certainly am not. When moving into a new place the very first thing many people do is put up curtains. It makes the room feel cozy and safe, especially at night.

The best part about learning how to make curtains is that they are just about the easiest thing to sew ever. Even for you "non-sewers" it is a great starter DIY home decorating project. Most curtains are nothing more than two rectangles of fabric with the edges nicely hemmed and a way to get them on the rod. How big the rectangles are and how they attach to the rod are how you create the different styles of curtains. Easy.

Speaking of easy, here are how to make curtains - pocket style instructions which are one of the most simple to make of all the different types. If you know what a rectangle is you can make these.

Here are some how to measure for curtains tips and things to keep in mind whether you are sewing your own or purchasing them already made.

If you are looking for no-sew window treatments, consider stained glass window films. Great for bathrooms or entry windows where you want to let in light but need privacy.

Fabrics for DIY Curtains

Your window treatments will really set the tone of your room. Along with the length and style you choose, the fabric you select is just as important. The fabric changes how they look but also how the curtains drape, blow in the breeze and filter light or cast shadows. A dark, heavy velvet that blocks out light will set a cozy, rich and calm mood in a room while colorful sheers would seem fun, whimsical and alive.

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Before selecting your fabric, be sure to think about function. Do you need to block out daylight such as in a bedroom or a TV room? Or do you want to let the light filter through, such as in a kitchen? Of course, keep in mind that you can also line a sheer fabric to block light and create layers. Think about how you'll use them also. Will they be fixed and always pulled back with tassels or or do you want to easily open and close them?

Also, it goes without saying that since you are learning how to make curtains you might as well select only washable fabrics and make it easier on yourself. Drapery that requires dry cleaning is a pain! Much easier to stick with washables when you are picking prints. However, no need to stick to the "home decorating" section of your fabric store, you can make curtains out of anything you want - sheers, lace, quilting cotton, etc. Be forewarned that some cottons will tend to fade faster in sunlight. However, your decorative taste will probably change faster than they fade!

Just like when you pick paint colors, take swatches home to see what it looks like in the room before commiting to a significant amount of fabric. Tape it up against your window and see how it fits in with your furniture and other decor items.

I fully admit to once putting up a big piece of cardboard in a window as a temporary covering while I scrambled to figure out how to make curtains. Bath towels hung over a curtain rod will do the trick in a pinch as well. Ive done it all because I can't stand to not have the privacy right away yet refuse to waste money on purchasing "temporary" cheap curtains that I won't be happy with in the long run. So don't be afraid to take your time and have fun with your window treatments!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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