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How to Caulk a Bathtub

Learn how to caulk a bathtub with this simple photo tutorial. When we bought our house we inherited a poorly caulked (not to mention cracked and mildew covered) bathtub that needed to be taken care of. A proper seal is very important for keeping water out!

Step one of course is to remove your old caulk so once you have done that, then proceed with the instructions here on this page.

With these tips you'll have a nice clean job, which makes an incredible difference. I was honestly surprised by how much more clean it made our bathroom look. Just this one little detail!

First, you'll need to clean your surface very well. Absolutely no little bits or dust can be left behind. Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball is an ideal choice for a final cleaning. Why rubbing alcohol and not soap? Because soap leaves residue that inhibits your caulk from sticking on your surface.

dap brand caulk caulk smoothing tool

There are a million different Dap caulk variations, read the label to figure out what is best for the surfaces you are sealing. For our needs, Dap 3 in gloss white fit the bill. We also had this handy caulk smoothing tool that came with the caulk removing tool, by Hyde.

dap caulk how to caulk bathroom tub

So you slowly and evenly squeeze a line of caulk along your join. Be sure to move and squeeze at an even rate so the amount stays uniform.

grout smoother smooth caulk with finger

First, we passed over it with the smoothing tool, but being the perfectionist that I am, I actually found that a finger works even better to push it down in the crevice and smooth it out.

You'll need to let this dry and not use your bathtub or shower for at least 24 hours, but 72 is better.

Take a look at my before and after photos below:

diy bathroom caulk before diy bathroom caulk

Such a little detail makes a huge difference!

I hope you enjoyed my photo tutorial on how to caulk a bathtub.

Here is Step One: Remove Your Old Caulk.



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