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DIY House Painting Ideas

Here you will find house painting ideas, projects, advice and tips for decorating with paint! Below you'll find information and articles for both exterior and interior painting.

Nothing changes and updates the look and feel of a home more than a fresh coat of paint. It can work wonders! By updating the color you can make a small room look larger or a dark room look brighter. A sad old house can look cheery when you drive up. Nothing beats decorating with paint. Nothing!

In fact as far as decorating on a budget, paint is pretty much always the way to go as you'll get the most dramatic results with the least investment. So paint, paint, paint!

Keep in mind that you don't just need to focus on painting walls, you can paint and update almost anything in your home. Furniture, light fixtures and more painting projects and tutorials can be discovered on this site.

Here are projects and articles that are filled with DIY house painting ideas:

house painting ideas
Exterior House Painting Ideas
Thinking of giving the outside of your home a facelift? Well then you have some serious color picking to do, which can make you tear your hair out. I'll never forget walking by a neighbor's house that was recently painted. He was standing outside, looking at his house and told me he regretted the color choice. He said, "The color looks terrible on my house!" Yikes, don't let that happen to you!

Check out these tips to find the colors that will really make your house shine.

spray painting primer
Decorating & Painting Ideas with Spray Paint
Did you know that you can update so very many things around your home with spray paint? It is true! Wooden furniture, tables, chairs all can be revamped for mere dollars. How about ugly metal light fixtures? Yes, those can have a quick spray paint facelift too! Outdoor projects, holiday decorations and so much more can be given a new life with paint. You'll never look at ugly garage sale furniture the same again.

Check out these projects for using spray paint for home decorating, you will be amazed by how easy it is and by what you can do!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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