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Easy Candle Making Instructions

These easy candle making instructions are sure to inspire you, especially if you consider yourself a "do it yourself" decorator. Why? Because candles are so wonderful and versatile to decorate with...especially if you make them yourself! Creating your own is cheaper and you can get the exact colors, shapes and scents you want.

They add light and ambiance, pops of color and even a lovely scent. But they can also add up if you are purchasing your own, especially if you are changing them out for each holiday or season to fit in with your room decor!

Even if you have never made your own before, trust me, you can do this! These easy candle making instructions are beginner friendly.

Supplies UPDATE: A number of people have emailed me asking where I get my wax and wicks. I buy my candle making supplies from a great online store called Bramble Berry (I buy my soapmaking supplies there too) and I've always been happy. Nope, I'm not affiliated with them in any way.

Easy Candle Making Instruction:

You'll need tins, jars or containers, wicks, wax, essential oils if you want to use a scent and crayons for light colors. If you want vibrant or dark colors, you'll need to purchase wax coloring. Containers can be as simple as mason jars or tin cans! Here is a simple idea for how to decorate plain homemade candle containers when you are finished.

In my example, I'm using metal tins but you can use a variety of different containers for different looks.

candle making instructions candle making

The soy wax that I use comes in large bags and already shaved for you, instead of in big chunks. This is much easier than melting big blocks. I simply melt the chips on my stove in a large stock pot on low to medium heat. After it is all melted and liquid, then you may add essential oil if you would like to scent your candles.

At this point, I also added two purple crayons because I wanted a very light purple color for my finished candles.

candle wicks easy candle making

Ideal for easy candle making, wicks arrive with a round metal bottom on them that you place down into the bottom of your containers after you have poured the hot wax in. The wax will cool and solidify and will secure the wick in place!

homemade candles easy candle idea

Wait until they are fully cooled before moving. Then you can made labels or add other embellishments to the outside of your containers.

For my labels, I printed directly on decorative paper and then cut circles for the top labels.

These small tin versions make great little accent candles in small rooms like bathrooms or entryways. They also make great gifts too!

Love your home more each day...just one DIY project away!



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