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Dumpster find = fab high gloss breakfast cart!

by A.C. Abbott
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Please describe and tell us about your painted furniture project.

1. I salvaged a bi-level bookcase on wheels - and cleaned it. - left on the street.
2. Sanded the whole thing by hand with 2$ sand paper
3. Removed the middle shelf and did it separately to make it easier to be accurate.
4. Used painters tape and taped off stripes - 2 on each level.
5. hit the stripes with controlled bursts at close range of high gloss apple green spray paint.
6. Let dry for an hour 1/2 - then remove tape. Stripes done.
7. Tape carefully over the existing new stripes, this means following the line, the tape did not lay flat, sort of bunched.
8. Hit the whole unit with the brilliant blue high gloss paint - again using short controlled blasts at close range.
9. Let dry overnight

What paint and primer did you use?
I did not use a primer, and I used Rustoleum Painters Touch: Ultra Cover (2x coverage) Gloss - brilliant blue, and apple green. It gave this old gross wood composite piece a pristine laquer look, and with only 1 coat!

Tell us more about your process! How did you do it?
I painted the stripes first because its easy to tape stripes so we dont get the base blue paint on our stripes, much easier than trying to protect the entire blue unit from the green blasts we use to create the stripes.

Did you run into any problems with this project? How long did it take you?
The biggest problem was spray painting inside my apt. I don't trust the outdoor because random stuff can fly on your project when its drying. So i did it in my kitchen and tried hard to protect everything but it still got all over the floor. A little warm water, bleach, a sponge, and 5 minutes of hard work got it out. Also it was hard to make the stripes the same size because you are using two pieces of tape spaced apart and who wants to sit around with rulers, so you eyeball it best you can. bottom stripes are slightly better than the top. But thank goodness, no bleeding! It took an evening and a night.

Anything else you'd like to share about your painted furniture project?
I plan on adding a small towel rail to one side giving it a full breakfast cart look! The whole project was free beause i had the paint in my spray paint stash.

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