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My DIY Coffee Table - Mid Century Style

I recently got the crazy idea that I needed to make a DIY coffee table. And it had to be a rounded, mid century style one, a boomerang or kidney shaped one. Except I've never built furniture before.

Fortunately, I have worked with wood enough to know that I could fake it. And fake it I did! Quite successfully!

The first thing I did was tape rolls of paper together to sketch out the general shape I wanted. When I got it just right I cut out the shape and then layed down the paper template onto the floor in front of my couch to see if it was the right size. I had to do this three times before I got it just right.

Then I layed out boards of poplar, side by side big enough to fit my template. I screwed on three smaller boards across these boards which connected them tightly together. I traced my template with a pencil and cut it out with a jigsaw.

Then I attached the legs:

coffee table assembly
As you can see, I purchased ready made legs that came with mounting hardware already attached. This too too a bit of trial and error getting them in the exact location I wanted because the shape is such a freeform shape.

After it was all put together and sturdy, I sanded it down.

I could have sealed it at this point and have been finished but I wanted something very colorful to reflect the ceramic pieces on my wall. In my woodmouse style, I woodburned a triangle pattern all over the top of the table.

Then I filled in each triangle with random colors using watered down acrylic paints.

painting coffee table
Once it was completely dry, I lightly sanded it again and then sealed the entire table with a rub on polyurethane sealer. As it is a table in a high traffic (kids!) area, I sealed it three times.

Once dry, I brought it in our house and it has been there ever since!

diy coffee table
I never in a million years thought I'd complete a table that took this much time, but in the end it really didn't take all that long. I'm sure real carpenters would cringe at my cheater method, but it has resulted in a completely sturdy and functional table and that is what matters to me!

What about you? Have YOU built or painted furniture?

Please share a photo of your project with me! I'd love to see and hear about what you did!



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