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Display Kids Art - Unique and Simple

How to display kids art without just taping it on your wall (or fridge) and creating a cluttered mess? I struggled with this too, my own son creates a lot of art and he wants it all hung up and displayed properly. All of it. All over the house. This is where the decorator me and the mama me collide and don't get along well. I needed to find a happy medium.

We started out with the taping method. That is right, we just taped it up, right on the wall. This does work, but only if you use "delicate" painters tape. This is the only stuff I've found that doesn't pull off any paint. It was cumbersome though and hard to change the artwork out for new pictures.

String Method A very popular method to easily display kids art is to hang string horizontally and attach the art directly to the string with clips, paperclips or clothespins. Which is exactly what we did. With a little rearranging, we dedicated an entire wall to their artwork. Three strings (kitchen twine in fact) hung on special screws with miniature clothespin clips for the art. Perfect. Wire or yarn or ribbon would be splendid too.

hang kids artwork display kids art

art display screws display children art

Cork Board You can mount a strip of cork board all the way around a room and use pins to hang artwork. This is commonly used in classrooms but might work in a playroom for example. However, keep in mind you would have to be very careful about pins with young children. This method is best for older children.

Magnet Paint You can paint a strip of magnet paint all the way around a room and use magnets to hang the artwork. Same goes for being careful with magnets with young children, just like with pins. Best for older children or use large enough magnets that they do not pose a choking hazard.

Hang their artwork proudly! It brings joy to them to see it displayed and lets them know you enjoy it!

How do you hang your kids artwork? Share a photo right here!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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