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Decorating With Lights, Lamps & DIY Lighting Projects

Decorating with lights is a simple way to drastically change the look of a room. Many people say painting a room is the biggest bang for your buck and while I tend to agree, updating lighting will last longer and can be even more dramatic.

Good lighting is essential to any decor scheme, but for some reason it is often overlooked. Lights can be expensive so finding the right fixtures can be stressful. Then when electrical issues are involved (like adding wiring for a hanging fixture) many people will get overwhelmed and stick an old lamp in a corner and call it a day. Don't let this be you!

Don't overlook the power of natural light either. It just doesn't get any better than natural light, does it? Here is my story of having a solar tube skylight installed in my dining room and wow, it made a world of difference. In fact, we have three of these in our home now.

There is no reason you have to suffer with a dimly lit room or with ugly, outdated fixtures. There are countless DIY fixes and tricks you can try and get your lighting style in line with your decorating style. It might help to think of lamps as an accessory, like earrings...rather than just a functional light source. Do they go with your decorating scheme?

Here are DIY projects that you can use when decorating with lights:

decorating with lights
Painted Lamp Before & Afters
Have an outdated light fixture that still works but it ugly? Just change the color. No really! Here is a before and after gallery of six light fixtures that were painted which completely changed their look and feel. Just by switching the color to something unexpected you can turn trash into treasure.

Consider an old brass lamp from a thrift store and tranform it into a bright turquoise blue gem for a kid's room for example. The possibilities are endless when you play with paint and you can really get creative with simple lamps. This is decorating with lights at its best.

recover a lampshade
How to Recover a Lampshade
Yet another way to work with what you already have and make it amazing. A quick and dirty way to recover a lampshade that involves no sewing or anything complicated. A very easy and rewarding DIY project that gives major results for very little effort or money.

With a glue gun, glue sticks, your fabric and of course a lampshade to use as a base you will have custom lamps to match your decor perfectly. This is one of those "why haven't I been doing this for years?" projects!

homemade candles
Make Your Own Candles
Here are instructions for how to make your own candles that you can use in your home decor! Save money by making your own and also you can make them in any color scent or style.

We make a new batch of candles every winter to freshen up our home for the holidays and also to give as gifts. If you are a fan of decorating with candles and have never made your own you will be shocked by how easy it is!

Some tips to keep in mind when decorating with lights is to make sure you can't see the bare light bulb from where you'll generally be in the room. Make sure you can't see the bare bulb when you are seated on the couch for example. Or make sure that you can't see bare bulbs on a fixture above the dinner table when you sit down to have dinner. Let this always guide you when you are in doubt about whether or not a fixture works in a certain space. Staring at a bright, bare bulb is decorating no-no. Plus, it hurts your eyes!

To make a room seem smaller, place a lamp a few feet in from the corner of a room. This works well for spaces you want to make cozy, like a reading room or a baby room. To make a room seem as large as possible, place your lighting or lamps as far into the corner as possible. Light marks space so where you put your lamps will sometimes act as boundaries of your space. Having more than one light source in a room is always a good idea as they'll soften each other and ease this effect.

Also consider highlighting areas of a room with lighting. Lights positioned onto artwork, fireplace, tables, etc will make your eye go to those areas of the room. Try to avoid focusing lights on parts of your space that you do not like. If you have a cluttered bookshelf (other than de-cluttering it!) avoid having that area brightly lit and choose another area to highlight.

Have fun decorating with lights! Hope your day is bright!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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