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Christmas Wreath Ideas

Here are several Christmas wreath ideas for you to get inspired from! Often, just seeing photos of how other people have used them, made them, decorated them and displayed them will set off tons of ideas of your own! Don't you love the creative community and how we all can share our ideas with each other? I'd say it is the "Christmas spirit" to share like this, but really, it is year round.

Whether you are seeking something unusual that really has a "wow" factor of if this this the first time you are considering this as part of your holiday decor you are sure to be inspired right here. Our little gallery below gets better and better each year as more people add to it. If you are inspired by ideas from this site, please come on back and share what you ended up with! We'd be honored if you shared with us!

If you are looking for some DIY projects, check out our DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas section for wreaths to make and decorate.

Here are some ideas from our readers! Scroll down to the bottom of this page to join the fun and add yours!

southern bell wreath olive wreath hearth wreath snow christmas wreath
white christmas wreath christmas wreath decorating christmas wreath fall christmas wreath

Share Your Christmas Wreath

Share a photo with us and tell us all about your Christmas wreath!

More Christmas Wreath Ideas from Visitors

Click below to see more wreath ideas from other visitors to this page...

Snowy Wreath 
I snapped this photo last year because I thought it looked pretty how the show was on the wreath. It was taken three days before Christmas and I was on …

Window Wreaths 
Tell us about your Christmas wreath...was it purchased or made? If made, how did you make it? These were purchased from Walmart. Where did you display …

Our Hearth Wreath Not rated yet
Tell us about your Christmas wreath...was it purchased or made? This wreath was a gift from my in-laws last year. We bought our first home in October …

Southern Bell Wreath Not rated yet
Tell us about your Christmas wreath...was it purchased or made? I purchased this wreath at a consignment shop for $9 but it was just plain faux fir …

Handmade Olive Wreath Not rated yet
I made this wreath using a hard foam base that I bought at Michael's craft store. I used fake olive branches to cover it and lots of hot glue. I displayed …

Fall to Christmas Wreath Not rated yet
I just love this wreath that I picked up last year because I used it from Thanksgiving through Christmas. It looks rather fallish but then with the red …

My 2005-2009 Wreath Not rated yet
I used this wreath from 2005 until 2009 and it hung on my back door going out into the garden. In years past I've had different ones but this one I used …

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