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Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Here are several Christmas wreath decorating ideas for you to use! Whether you want to make your very own from scratch or if you just want display and arrangement ideas you can find it right here by browsing these pages.

It wasn't until I owned my very first home that I suddenly saw the appeal of wreaths. Seeing one on the front door made my new house feel like a home and they just look like a big, cozy welcome sign to me. They are easy to change throughout the seasons and the style of it can echo what kind of holiday decorations are inside. Plus, they are a very small investment as many styles you can use and alter year after year!

The thing I love most is how versatile they are though. You can decorate with a classic evergreen style or you could replicate our white Christmas wreath decorating project for a more modern feel.

christmas wreath decorating

Do you get inspired most by photos? Me too! Browse our Christmas Wreath Decorating Photo Gallery of pictures that were submitted by readers like you!

The size of the wreath you use to decorate with depends entirely on the space you'll be using it. Generally, you'll want to shoot for a wreath that is roughly 2/3 the width of your front door. Keep in mind that if your front door opens inside your house that you will want to avoid one that is too deep, especially if your door opens into a narrow hallway.

Do you know the history of wreaths? They were of course first used as crowns (think Greek/Romans, 6th century...aka a long time ago) and not until much, much, much later as part of decorations for Christmas.

The modern symbology of this decoration is quite fascinating and people will go to great lengths to make sure theirs is completely unique and respresentative of them or their family. I know one family that always makes sure there is an accessory on their front door decor that represents each family member! Little birds, pine cones and bells all represent different things to them. This is a lovely way to have your Christmas wreath decorating become part of your holiday tradition. It can become decor that tells a personal story!

They are not just for doors anymore though! They are beautiful strung up along a fence (several of them in a row) or tied around a tree. On a car. On a bike. On the wall of course. And then if you consider laying them flat...a whole new arena of decorating possibilities open up! Centerpiece decor!

Have fun with your Christmas wreath decorating this year & happy holidays!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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