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Snowflake Decorations are Easy Christmas Decorations to Make

These snowflake decorations are easy Christmas decorations to make using a recycled cup holder! Talk about a cheap and easy "upcycled" holiday craft project. This one would be a fun one for kids too, they could decorate it as they like. Paint, glue and glitter, oh my!

Next time you order fast food (hey, we all go on road trips - as much as I'm all about organic, slow-food I admit to eating fast food too sometimes, but no worries, your dark secret is safe with me) save that cardboard drink holder! With just a few quick snips of your scissors you'll have a pretty snowflake to use for your winter decorations. Yay for recycling and yay for cheap crafting!

Supplies: So, you'll simply need a cardboard drink holder, scissors, spray paint and ribbon for these recycled snowflake decorations. See? Did I tell you these are easy Christmas decorations to make or what?

recycled snowflake decorations

Cut the edge of the drink holder as shown below, leaving behind a snowflake shape.

snowflake christmas decoration to make

Now take it outside and spray paint it! I always do any spray painting in a cardboard box like in my photo below to catch the paint. Yes, I'm well aware of the lack of real snow in this outdoors photo below...why do you think I have to make my own? I used white for mine, but metallic silver would be pretty too. Or white with silver glitter on top perhaps?

christmas decorations to make

Once fully dry, punch a hole in the top with your scissors and string a ribbon through to hang it! You are done! Hope you were inspired by these easy Christmas decorations enough to make your very own recycled cup holder snowflake decorations!

snowflake cup holder

snowflake cup holder

Happy holiday decorating!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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