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DIY Christmas Decorating Ideas

Here are Christmas decorating ideas for you to browse and use in your own home! All of these projects are easy to implement yourself and you can customize them to suit your decor and home perfectly.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? A plaid one? How about decking out your home in silver or gold? Or using only natural materials? When you decide to "do it yourself" for the holidays you can be in charge!

Adding handmade touches to your holiday decorations is a wonderful way to make a house feel like a home. Creating things yourself can save you money, especially when you use things you already have for free! Plus, you can truly personalize your decor in a way that you can't find from store bought decorations.

So grab some hot cocoa and cozy up to browse these great do it yourself Christmas decorating ideas and projects. I bet you'll find something (even if you consider yourself not-crafty or artistic) that you'll be excited to do for your home for the holidays.

Here are projects and articles that are filled with DIY Christmas decorating ideas:

christmas decorating ideas wreaths
Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas
Here are a bunch of articles and projects focused just on Christmas wreaths! Wreath making, wreath decorating and using wreaths as part of your holiday decor! A wreath on your door is such a welcoming and happy thing to see as you walk up to your home. Even if you have never used one before, you just might find some modern ideas here that make you want to this year.

Whether you want to make one yourself using some stuff you have lying around the house or yard or if you are just looking for hanging, display and care tips, you'll find something to inspire you here!

outdoor christmas lights
Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas
Here are a bunch of ideas and photos of outdoor holiday decorating! You can get a lot more creative than just stringing up some lights and this gallery proves it. Don't forget to snap a photo of your own home this holiday season and share it right here!

Whether you want to go crazy and light up the neighborhood with your display or you want to stick to more subtle, classic decor details, there are project photos to inspire here! Plus, there are some tips on do it yourself decorations to suit your budget.

christmas decorating ideas
Recycled Snowflake Christmas Decorating Ideas
Here is a great project to make a pretty snowflake out of a cardboard drink holder! Recycling (or upcycling) at work here to make a cheap decoration that is perfect for the winter holidays.

Just a free cardboard holder, scissors, spray paint (or regular paint) and a ribbon that you likely have laying around anyway and you'll wind up with something quite unusual. And it is so cheap and fun to make! This project is a great one to do with kids. So don't throw away those drink holders, transform them into something beautiful!

christmas candles
Christmas Candle Making
This is an easy way to add some functional holiday decorations around your home or to give as gifts! You can decorate and embellish a plain old candle and transform it into a beautiful holiday candle that fits in with your decor scheme perfectly!

Whether you want to update candles you already own or if you want to make candles from scratch, this is a project that is sure to inspire you to get started!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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