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Choosing Exterior House Paint Colors

When you are in the midst of choosing exterior house paint colors it often feels like the most difficult choice you've made for your home. Stressful even! After all, everyone will see it!

Painting a house is a bit of an investment, must more permanent than just painting a room so you'll be stuck with the color for years to come. This only adds to the pressure as you pour over paint chips. Plus, maybe you'll be selling the house someday, will it sell well with a certain color? So many things to consider. So, how to choose?!

First, take a deep breath. Color is fun to work with and a new coat of paint on your home can make such an incredible difference. With these tips you'll have your colors picked out and you'll feel confident about them.

The Neighborhood - Drive around your neighborhood and take note of the house colors that appeal to you. Take photos if you have to! Especially pay close attention to houses you like that are a similar style house to your own. Eventually, a pattern will start to emerge. Perhaps you'll notice that you tend to like houses with high contrasting trim or red doors. Or perhaps you'll be most attracted to houses that are painted in neutral tones that blend in with the landscape. This initial research can help steer you in the right diirection when choosing exterior paint, it is fun!

History - If your house is an older home you might like to get inspiration from popular color schemes from the era it was built. Try searching for things like "50s color palettes" online or check your local library for historical architectural and design books.

choosing exterior house paint colors choosing paint colors

Sketch - When choosing your exterior house paint colors it is helpful to create a rough (very rough is just fine!) sketch of your home and using colored pencils or even crayons play around with colors. This can help you decide which trim is which color since you'll need to plan this out ahead of time.

Alternatively, you can load a digital photo into a paint type program and draw on the colors. Even when rough, it can give you a better idea of what you'll be painting, especially if you are painting two or more colors.

choosing exterior paint choosing paint for exterior

Sample & Test - Once you have it narrowed down, prime a patch on the side of your house and paint samples directly on your house. Yes, do this! Most paint companies will sell you a small sample size in a few colors or you could just buy a quart. Make sure you are sampling the exact paint you'll be using. It is the only way to truly see what the paint will look like. Paint looks vastly different at different times of the day so be sure to take a look at your samples many times. Be sure to test your trim colors next to the main color too.

Have fun choosing exterior house paint colors! Don't forget to take before and after photos and send them to us! We'd love to see what you came up with!

Happy painting!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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