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Cheap Decorating Ideas

Cheap decorating ideas? You bet! Affordable is nice but free is better is what we say around here. Truly, saving a bundle on your decor is often just knowing where to look or who to ask. Being willing to roll up your sleeves and do some things yourself "DIY style" helps, and we've got plenty of instructions for that sort of thing too.

My favorite cheap decorating ideas always involve found objects. Found objects could be anything from a piece of driftwood from the beach or an interesting rock or even an old weathered door hung on the wall. See how we created cheap rustic wall art from old barn wood. The best part is that true found objects are truly found and! In fact, here are a whole lot of rustic cheap decorating ideas for you if this style appeals to you. A lot of retail home decor companies have caught onto this trend and have started selling things like faux weathered shutters or fake old wooden packaging crates for lots of money! Don't fall for this, finding the real stuff will often be cheaper than buying that fake decorative stuff.

cheap decorating pinecones

I'm all about using what you have and making it better. Simple things like sewing pillow covers for pillow you already have is a perfect example of how doing it yourself will save you money!

The obvious places to get bargains are thrift stores and garage sales. If you haven't explored your local thrift stores you might want to check them out. You can find anything from large furniture pieces, to fabric, to curtains to small knick knack type decorative items and very, very cheaply. Garage sales are always hit and miss since they are items from just one family (usually) and so the sheer amount of stuff and variety is much less. However, prices are incredible and there is great thrill in the hunt. Sometimes all something needs is a quick spray paint makeover to fit perfectly with your decor.

Now while thrift store and garage sale prices are grand, free is very hard to pass up. In every city and town, people throw out perfectly good stuff. Have you seen it? I've seen whole dining sets just sitting by the side of the road, for free! Our Trash to Treasure - DIY Cheap Decorating Ideas section has DIY projects with how-to instructions for things like reupholstering, painting and refinishing. These are all great skills to possess when you find a decor item that has potential but needs some updating.

cheap decorating ideas

I also love to use things not for their intended purpose as a decorational element in a room. Think vintage! Our vintage stove turned bar is a great example. An old non-working phone, a chippy paint metal scale or a large rusty gear can make beautiful and interesting decorative items. Hang platters and plates on the wall instead of paintings or stack wooden wine boxes to build unique furniture.

Now don't forget to check your own backyard for cheap decorating ideas! Natural things work wonders and they are free. Can't get cheaper than free! An interesting branch spray painted a vibrant color hung on the wall is instant modern art. Smooth rocks from a river bed can stack up like sculptures and of course shells from the beach are lovely displayed in a glass jar.

Sure, you can shop sales and closeouts at traditional decor retail places, but your best cheap decorating ideas will come from thinking outside of the big box store!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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