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DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here are bedroom decorating ideas that will inspire and give you skills to transform your bedroom into the one you want. A lovely, comfortable place that you'll use as a sanctuary you'll look forward to ending the day in.

Why is it that a bedroom often gets overlooked? Neglected and full of clutter with mismatched furniture and styles. Since guests don't see our bedrooms, this room often is the worst looking in the house. It doesn't have to be! This is the one room that is decorated for you alone, make it special!

Decorating our bedroom the way we want is often put off and put off year by year. Afterall, bedroom furniture sets are expensive. However, you can make a few do it yourself changes on a very limited budget and the changes can be dramatic!

It is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning, why not make it a place that you love?

Here are projects and articles that are filled with DIY bedroom decorating ideas:

bedroom furniture
Bedroom Furniture Painting Ideas
If you have bedroom furniture that doesn't match or is outdated, consider painting it! Painted wood bedroom furniture can be done in a variety of styles and colors. And it lasts and is durable! This is the ideal solution if you are on a limited budget and replacing otherwise functional furniture just isn't feasible.

Painting an old dresser that you dislike and changing the knobs is a very easy project with huge results. It changes the look and feel of your bedroom instantly!

bedroom curtains
Sew or Embellish Bedroom Curtains
Here are some great ideas for everything from making your own bedroom curtains to simply embellishing or altering purchased ones and even tips on how to measure for curtains. Curtains are a great place to start on updating your bedroom, especially if you are sewing inclined at all. Sewing your own pillow covers to coordinate with the curtains is another quick DIY project!

How much light your curtains let in can drastically change the feel of a bedroom and is one of the things you might enjoy playing around with. Here are more tips, ideas and projects!

recover a lampshade
Do It Yourself Bedroom Light Fixture Ideas
If you have light fixtures in your bedroom that you don't love, you can change it! By change it I don't mean toss them and buy all new ones either. There are lots of DIY ideas to give your old light fixtures a makeover. Turn trash into treasure on a very limited budget! Learn how to recover a lampshade and even how to paint a metal fixture to give it a whole new look.

Although most of the time we spend in our bedrooms we are sleeping and it is dark, don't overlook the lights! They are a huge part of the way a room feels when you enter.

bedroom decorating colors
Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas
Often, it helps to start with a color scheme, especially when you may be painting furniture and light fixtures. Now that you know you can transform everything all you need to do is pick your colors! However, this is where some of you may feel stuck. Don't worry, you'll figure out just the right color scheme for you in no time.

Here are bedroom color schemes and ideas for you to create the mood and atmosphere you want with the simple use of color! If you want a calm space or an energizing space, there are some tips, ideas and even traditional guidelines for everyone here.

Loving your home more and more...project by project!

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