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Bedroom Color Ideas

These bedroom color ideas are here to help inspire you to create the space you really want, with the mood and atmosphere you want. People want very different things when it comes to bedrooms and have very strong opinons on bedroom color schemes. We're here to help you discover a color combo that is right for you.

First things first, think about what your bedroom will be used for. Now this may make you roll your eyes, but hear me out! Is your bedroom just for sleeping or do you have a desk and a mini-office in the corner? Do you spend time watching movies in bed? Do you get ready for the day in your bedroom? Do you most want something cozy that feels safe and puts you to sleep at night or do you most want something that is cheerful and bright and happy to wake up to? These are all questions that will guide you in selecting the best mix of hues for your space.

The other thing to consider is how much natural light (or lighting in general) your room has. A room with large patio glass doors with a skylight will do just fine in any color. A small room with little natural light from one small window will look like an even smaller dark cave if you select dark colors. If "cozy cave" is the feel you are after then by all means go dark, but if it isn't, keep your natural light and size in mind and remember that dark colors on all four walls will always close in a space.

The following bedroom color ideas are arranged by the intended mood, atmosphere or style of the room. It feels a little silly saying "this color and this color" are calming or energizing bedroom color ideas because what calms me down might make you feel nauseated. Really, I just don't think it is this simple.

bedroom color ideas

Traditional wisdom says that pastel hues, like blues and very soft greens are the most calming. I think the takeaway here is that soft, muted colors are key but you aren't stuck with blue and green. A soft yellow or a soft pink could be calming too. Stick to colors in the same family (all blues or all greens) and avoid contrast for a calm room. Think soft, muted monochromatic. If you want a calm space, avoid colors that clash and things like mismatched bedroom furniture. Learn the best way to paint your bedroom furniture and you will have a put together room quickly!

For a calming example, soft olive green walls with matching pillows like this photo at right sent to us from a visitor. And isn't it great how she painted that stripe of green as a headboard? Such a simple way to add interest without hanging anything over the headboard.

Perhaps you want a room that fills you with joy when you wake up? Warmer "wake-up" colors like yellows and oranges with touches of red are traditionally energizing. Great for a room where you want a happy, cheerful feel upon waking up in the morning.

Clean & Refreshing:
White, plain and simple. Stick to white with only punches of color. Go easy on prints or avoid them. Think crisp white linens and drapes. A soft color could be painted on the walls, but very pale. Try crisp white with key lime, orange, yellow or turquoise.

Sexy & Mysterious:
Want a room that looks passionate? Deep reds, wines and deep plum are all sexy choices, especially paired with luxurious textures like velvet or satin drapes or bedding. I once had a deep red bedroom with black sheer curtains. Not the most light-filled room but it sure was fun. I have to say when we eventually painted that room (back to white, it was a rental) it doubled the size of the room. Remember, darker colors will make the space look smaller.

If you want to add a dark punch of color but fear boxing in your space, just paint one wall a dark, rich color and go with white or a light version for the rest.

Have fun coming up with the perfect bedroom color scheme!

What color is YOUR bedroom?

Is your bedroom finally the one you've always wanted? Show off! Or is it still in progress? Share a photo of your bedroom and let visitors give you tips or feedback!

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