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Do It Yourself Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Here are many bathroom mirror ideas that are cheap and functional yet still look great. Mirrors in a bathroom are first and foremost functional, but they also add a huge element of style, especially in smaller spaces where you can't really add much else to the walls.

The best part is that they reflect light and create the illusion of space. Want a bigger bathroom? Just get a bigger mirror! Have you ever noticed that your mood gets better and your bathroom seems cleaner once you clean the mirror? Try it!

When we moved into our house, one of the bathrooms came with a large, odd sized medicine cabinet with a cheap looking metal frame. Try as we might, we couldn't find an affordable one to replace it and would have to order a custom one. It was way, way too expensive. So instead, we came up with all the bathroom mirror ideas we could and we decided to alter the current one. The lesson here? Use what you have...then make it better.

diy bathroom mirror ideas

We realized that the mirror itself was just fine, it was the frame we hated. This is often the case! We taped off and covered our surfaces and then painted the frame with an enamel paint specifically for metal. Taping is key here as you want to avoid getting paint on any other surfaces. If you are able to remove it from the room that would be even better. Make sure to open windows as a bathroom is a tiny space and you need fresh air. We couln't remove ours without ruining it so we had to paint it right there.

We let it dry for three days before touching it. Because we painted the inner tracks we also rubbed clear wax on the tracks (on top of the dry paint) to make them slide smoothly and not scratch the paint. After several months of daily use the frame is still looking perfect!

You'll see from our before and after bathroom photos below that we also tiled the bathroom floor and painted the cabinet to match the frame. Little details like painting the frame black to match tied the room together nicely.

bathroom before and after bathroom mirror ideas

Our drab and cheap, old looking bathroom now looks contemporary and modern! Paint is magical, let me tell you. Pure magic in a can.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Hide Problems In a prior house we lived in, the medicine cabinet was your typical, small and very boring one. It was old and the glass had a crack in it. This did not match what I had in mind for the decor at all! However, buying an etched vintage one that just happened to fit perfectly and was cheap? Well, that was possible but I couldn't wait that long. I almost settled for a boring replacement until I realized I could just cover the hole with a larger mirror.

Remove your boring medicine cabinet and replace with a decorative mirror instead! We found a large mirror at a thrift store for around $20 and it fit right over the hole where the old cabinet was. We had plenty of storage elsewhere and in the hallway so losing the functionality of the cabinet wasn't a big deal. This small change dramatically altered our bathroom!

bathroom mirror idea cheap bathroom mirror ideas

There are many more do it yourself bathroom mirror ideas that you could use. Break a mirror and create a mirror mosaic with the pieces. Instal a full wall of mirror or use mirror tiles all the way around the room. Hang vintage handheld mirrors in a cluster on a wall or hang a cluster of smaller decorative ones. How about getting a plain mirror and etching it yourself with etching solution?

Good luck and happy mirror hunting and revamping!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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