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Bathroom Decorating Themes

Looking for bathroom decorating themes to get you started? Great! Even though they are small (well, usually) bathrooms can be such fun to decorate. Especially if you let yourself pick a theme and really do something unusual. There are no rules here other than to create a space that you find inviting.

Often, picking a theme is as simple as picking a color. Since the space is so tiny, many people don't really "decorate" them at all just pick a color for the walls, pick coordinating towels and call it done. Generally for a small space it is best to pick a light color for the walls, or just paint one wall a dark or vibrant color to maintain an open feel to the room. Otherwise, you'll end up with a dark box. Not good. Another color rule of thumb is to pick just a few colors since the space is small too many colors can be overwhelming. Unless of course your theme is "rainbow"...don't laugh, that could be beautiful!

Yes, just picking a color is fine and dandy, but what if you want to do something special? Something unique and interesting? Why not? If you are looking to go an extra step then these themes below are just the thing to inspire you!

Classic & Unusual Bathroom Decorating Themes

bathroom decorating themes

Spa - A spa theme is perhaps the most popular right now. Why? Because it is the ultimate in relaxing and inviting. Think big, fluffy white towels, flowers and of course candles. Don't forget some scented lotion and a chunky bar of handmade soap.

Beach Bungalow - Another popular classic, again because it evokes a feeling of being relaxed and on vacation. Think sea glass and shells in clear jars or bowls.

Nautical - Similar to the beach theme, but with darker colors. Try nets, anchors and paintings or photos of ships.

Tropical - More vibrant touches of color, plants and tropical images. Flamingos, fish and other birds are common items for decor in a tropical bathroom.

Vintage - People often like to focus on vintage bathroom decorating themes and display a variety of small antiques. Antique soap dishes, clocks and art on the walls can be beautiful. You can always find vintage advertising cheaply (from old magazines) and will look great on the walls.

Shabby Chic - For this style, cabinets could be painted and distressed. Incorporate soft colors with a vintage feel to them. A milk glass soap dish or a wire basket with dried flowers for example would work well.

Western - How about evoking the old west? Think wood or rusty items with vintage advertisements on the walls.

modern bathroom decorating themes

Flowers & Animals - Just pick a flower or an animal that you love. Poof! You have a theme! I've been in several hummingbird, seahorse and rose themed bathrooms for example.

Seasonal/Holidays - Another idea is to decorate seasonally. This is actually very easy to do if you pick a neutral color for the walls and floors to begin with. Then it is simply a matter of changing out your guest towels and adding a few seasonal details. Leaf shaped soap in autumn is lovely. Cinnamon scented pine cones in winter is divine. It can be great fun to change out your guest bathroom for the holidays, especially if you'll be entertaining!

Modern/Minimalist - Is minimalist a theme? You bet! Think clean countertops and no clutter here. Lots of white with accents of color. Pair with some modern abstract art on the walls.

Whatever you decide, have fun thinking up bathroom decorating themes! Keep in mind that you will use your bathroom every single day so pick something that makes you happy.

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