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DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Here are bathroom decorating ideas that will jump start your imagination and give you skills to transform your bathroom into the one you want. Many say a bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to start with when you decide to start changing the decor of your home simply because it is so small!

This makes some sense, as it is much faster to paint a small bathroom, for example. Also, your choices are limited because there is little or no room for furniture inside so there isn't much you can change besides wall color, curtains and small decorations. In fact, small bathroom decorating is a great place to get creative because just by changing one or two easy things the whole room will have a new look.

This all being said, however, for some reason people seem to get stuck on bathroom decor. This room is often the last one to get revamped in a home. Perhaps it is because even though it is used everyday, the actual time spent each time is rather short. But don't neglect it! It is where you refresh and where you start your day in the morning. For those with families, it may be the room where you get a few rare quiet moments all to yourself. This is precious! Transform it into a place that you love.

Here are projects and articles that are filled with DIY bathroom decorating ideas:

bathroom decorating paint countertop
How to Paint a Bathroom Countertop
Have an ugly bathroom countertop that absolutely will not fit in with your bathroom decorating ideas? We had that too. Until we took a chance and painted it with a special paint made specifically for countertops. Guess what? It looks amazing! Learn how you too can transform a countertop without completely replacing it.

Sometimes replacing a bathroom countertop is simply not in the budget or the timing isn't right. It doesn't mean you have to live with it as is though! Paint comes to the rescue again and truly is the best bang for your buck in bathroom decor.

diy bathroom floor
How to Tile a Bathroom Floor
Thinking of doing your own tile in your bathroom? Have no fear, a small bathroom is a great place to start, even for complete newbies! Read our tips for getting it right and photos of our process as we swapped out dingy vinyl flooring for beautiful tiles. They hold up well clean easily and they feel cool on your feel when you get out of the shower. Tile (or stone) is my favorite flooring for a bathroom.

It isn't as simple as gluing down some tile and slopping some grout on...but almost! Little tricks like using spacers and of course cement backer in a bathroom are tips that will make your tile job look fantastic.

bathroom caulk
How to Caulk a Bathtub
If you have cracked or dark with mildew caulk in your bathroom it is time to replace it right away! Of course it is ugly, but it is also at risk for letting water leak into your walls, which you absolutely do not want. It is quite easy to replace your tub caulk and just this little tiny detail will make your bathroom look so fresh and clean! I was amazed by the difference replacing this had.

Plus, here are photo instructions for how to remove caulk before starting.

bathroom decorating ideas mirror
DIY Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Mirrors
Every bathroom has a mirror so they are a perfect easy thing you can change to completely alter the look of your space! They reflect light and even offer the illusion of more space. I always say if you want a bigger bathroom then just get a bigger mirror! Course mirrors especially made for bathrooms (especially built in medicine cabinets) are expensive. What to do?

Here are several do it yourself ideas for decorating with mirrors on the cheap by alterig what you have and replacing mirrors with unusual mirror alternatives.

bathroom window film
Faux Stained Glass Bathroom Windows
I love the look of stained glass windows in bathrooms because they let in light yet are totally private. However, sometimes real stained glass isn't in the budget or within the range of DIY skills you have. Stained glass window films may be a perfect choice, especially for renters who don't want to invest in something permanent.

We used ours for several years and they held up nicely, I was impressed and would most certainly use them again.

bathroom decorating ideas themes
Bathroom Decorating Themes
Here are some classic, popular and also a few unusual bathroom decorating themes for your inspiration. Often, you just need an idea as a jumping off point! Don't be afraid to really go crazy with your decor in a bathroom. Just pick something you love since, bathrooms are easy that way.

Here are several theme ideas...and I'd be willing to bet after reading these you'll think of a whole bunch more that could be perfect for you!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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