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Baby Wall Decor Ideas & Projects

We have many baby wall decor ideas for you to try and they all can be customized to suit your nursery theme. Often it is with nursery decorating that you can really start to have fun and experiment with color and styles! If you do it yourself you will have something that is custom and unique and shows how excited you are that your wee one is there. Believe me, I get it! I remember staying up till three in the morning while pregnant (insomnia, sigh) painting a wall and being so thrilled about the project.

It goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway) that first and foremost anything you use for baby wall decor or in a nursery in general must be safe. Decorative items should not be in baby's reach and things must be securly fastened to the walls. In the case of framed artwork for example, plexiglass is always preferable to glass for baby wall decor for safety reasons.

baby room decal

Baby wall decor vinyl decal designs are a great way to add interesting elements to your plain walls. It doesn't take a lot of skill and is a lot less messy than painting. The best part is it is removable so this is a good option for renters. The results are always clean and crisp looking and you can browse through thousands of designs. From very small accents to large designs that cover an entire wall, you'll be amazed by these.

We used this vinyl decals in one of our rooms and it still looks perfect several years later, even through the toddler stage!


Image courtesy Little Whirl

Use fabric as artwork! This is another easy and super cheap project that can be customized to suit your style. There are fabrics to suit any theme! Just think of the variations of this project! You could do black and white only fabrics. Use only green fabrics hung on a light blue wall. Or do a multi-colored rainbow of fabrics. This project is expecially cute if some of the fabrics used as artwork are echoed elsewhere in the room, like in a quilt, pillows, rug or crib sheets.

Embroidery loops are very cheap even if you purchase them new from a fabric or craft store and come in a variety of sizes. I've also seen them at thrift stores in piles.

Alternatively, you could "frame" your fabric swatches in assorted frames for a totally different look. Thrifted frames are fine, you can spray paint them all the same color. Just remove the glass though, as glass isn't ideal in a baby room. Also, once baby is old enough to stand, these aren't ideal for over a crib where they can be reached as they do have small parts.

This is a great project because you can change the fabrics out as you change the style of the room and since the fabric is just pinched between the loops, you can still use it in a quilt later on!

baby wall decor baby wall decor

Printed "Mural" Idea - If you have a large wall to cover but don't think tackling a mural is for you (or perhaps you aren't in your forever home and will need to move) consider printing out an image of your choice. Best part? A super cheap and easy project.

I simply scanned in an illustration from a favorite children's book and then uploaded it to Block Posters where they gave me an enlarged PDF file consisting of many pages that I printed. This service is totally free!

baby room pennant banner baby room pennant banner

Pennant banners are a fun and easy project to use in a nursery. They automatically look festive and can be made a variety of ways. Fabric pennant banners can be in classic triangle shape, rounded or squared. This is an easy sewing project that uses up fabric scraps.

Is sewing isn't your thing, you can make them out of paper too! Handprints, colored paper, there are many options to consider.

baby nursery wall art painting baby wall decor

Painting on large canvases is another way to create large sized artwork. Think you can't paint? The paintings in this example were simply copied from nursery bedding characters. That way, they matched the safari theme perfectly and yet were totally custom and real artwork. Canvases can be expensive, so check your local thrift store or garage sales for can use the same canvas just paint over them!

I hope you enjoy doing some unique baby wall decor projects!

After all, it's your might as well love it!



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