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About Us: The Short Version

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, a woman met a man and after several years they got married. They were poor but wanted to make their first apartment in the city a home. Luckily, she was artsy and crafty and he wasn't afraid of using a hammer. They soon became known as the "DIY couple" throughout the land.

Happy years went by and then this wonderful thing happened:
DIYhomedecoratingideas baby

The DIY couple eventually learned that those get bigger and come with a lot of stuff, so they saved pennies and then said goodbye to their tiny apartment and purchased one of these:
diy house fixer

Good timing too, since this was happening again and by now they've learned what that means:
diy decorating ideas Amber

However, their new house was a "fixer" and soon they found themselves doing things like this:
diy house demo

And this:
diy decorating spray paint

By this point, they were both downright handy and even the wee one was put to work:
diy decorating wee one

After lots of sweat, hard work, mistakes and even a few disasters, the happy DIY family transformed their "lump of coal" fixer into the diamond that they call home.

In the end, they realized that they loved doing it! They learned so much about DIY decorating, renovating and other fun house stuff that they decided (well, actually Mrs DIY decided...come on, you don't think Mr DIY would write a cutesy "about us" page like this, do you?) to build a website where they could share their knowledge and help others learn.

Oh yeah, and then they lived happily ever after.



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